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Troy university medical center Videos

The Healing Spirit of Troy and Keck Medicine of USC

Homicide detective Russ Enyeart feared radiation treatment following his prostatectomy. His wife had a difficult experience with radiation for breast cancer at ...

Life Flight - TROY TrojanVision News

There is a new feature at the Troy Regional Medical Center that could potentially lead to saving lives in emergency situations. As TROY TrojanVision News' ...

Centre for Applied Medical Research, CIMA, University of Navarra

50 years of research The University of Navarra, through the Foundation for Applied Medical Research, established CIMA, the Center for Applied Medical ...

Type 1 Diabetes PSA

Group: Christian, Scott, Troy & Jeanina Bibliography: Dowshen, S. (2008, April). Diabetes. Retrieved from //type1diabetes.about.com/ JDRF. (2011 ...

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i got type 1 at the age of 9, so i definitely relate to this. recently I released an educational film about diabetes, while still comedic. you might like the inside humor of it!

If I Don't Have Tomorrow - Original Song by Tony Lee Glenn

This is a song I wrote in 2000. The last words my aunt Janice said to me as I left her room in the ICU at Duke University Medical Center were, "Tony - If I don't ...

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Beautiful tribute to your loved ones, my sincerest sympathies. They're up there watching over you.
+wtglb Appreciate your comment brother.
wonderful song man, really well done and im totally glad to come across your stuff :)
Wow Tony you are one Talented Person well Done. And you play fiddle also. Thanks Tony Nice tribute to your family I am sure they are proud.
I do play fiddle, but usually end up having to clean up the tracks in the studio. I don't always hit the notes as clean as I would if I practiced more.
Absolutely beautiful song and video. Thanks for sharing, Tony.
+Matt's Big Dream Thanks a bunch Matt.
TLG: The truest form of human kindness is always conveyed by words emanating from sincere hearts. Your song completely expresses a unique and eloquent kindness that can only come from within. Here's wishing you find innermost peace as you reflect upon the memories of your family. With kind regards, T.
+Thomas Ott Thanks much my friend - truly.
RIP Mr. Glenn God Bless your family and yourself Tony.
+Tony Lee GlennPeace
+wildfireatm3 Thanks my brother.
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