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Baltimore ravens team roster Videos

Best baltimore ravens team roster 2000.avi (Baltimore Ravens.)

Retro Rosters 2001 2002 Baltimore Ravens Madden NFL 2002

Retro Rosters 2001 2002 Baltimore Ravens Madden NFL 2002 video game simulation.

Baltimore Ravens | Madden 15 Ratings

Can we smash 30 likes?! SUBSCRIBE TOO, I want 5000 SUBS BY MADDEN 15! Today we look at projected ratings of Ravens stars Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, ...

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Dude you give Lardarius Webb a 91 overall but, you give future Hall of Fame contender Troy Polamalu a 90 overall.
because palamalus old
Anybody else think this guy is a fucking idiot?
Exactly! He based Rices rating off the fact that he beat his GF!! That has literally nothing to do with football like wtf
Lol holy shit, considering I'm a diehard raven fan, these ratings are so fucking horrible and trash...like just to start, ur going by pure statistics which doesn't do justice to a player in general, go to pro football focus and do a more in depth look...jimmy smith held tron to 4 catches 29 yards in 1on1 man coverage that game, he shut down aj green in week 17 and had an int in the end zone against him, also held down Marshall and Jeffery alone, look up those too...also Elam was very very solid and strong safety will suit him more..pitta will be a beast he catches everything...suggs and doom fell off the 2nd part of the year notching I think 2 sacks combined..but one had an injured ankle and Suggs said he gained weight...and last thing with flacco, considering his only weapon Torrey smith who ended up being tripled covered by the end of the year help over top and bracket coverage low they forced other people to beat them..and the no run game that we were getting stopped by another teams front 4 allowed them to sit in coverage and play action didn't phase em, and our oline was pure god awful with a blooming star osemele out and gino who was worst rated center in football last year, anyways my rant is done maybe I'm just biased, oh and my boy JT best kicker in football 7-7 on game winners including playoffs in his career and he's only missed 7 career kicks .. His long is 61 lol
Justin Tucker is the God Leg.
O and he must b really an idiot. Y the hell did u give the rookies such a low rating and tsizzle only a 90? U can go f ur self if u think that's good ratings.
I completely agree with u. Of course I'm pissed that my ravens didn't make the playoffs this year because we had a lot of talent, but I'm even more pissed off at the ratings this retard gave to our team. Steve Smith is around a 88-91, just look at what he did at Carolina. Jimmy smith should be a 91, because he held megaton to only a couple yards and is very underrated. Joe Flacco should be a 86-89. He played while hurt and he still played decent. Torrey smith should also be higher. He is a complete monster. He's fast and will burn a lot of corners.
Give joe flacco a 87 overall or higher not 83 thanks
Flacco is a winner and after half his receiving corps was injured, he still only missed the playoffs by 1 game.. He deserves a better rating.. #most winning qb in last 6 years
+Kevin Le becuase he only did bad cause the offensive line was terrible. His skills and reads didn't get bad he didn't have time in the pocket
Reasoning? Lol it would be more convincing if you would provide a reason.

New Baltimore Ravens theme Song.Super Bowl Team. Im A Baltimore Raven.Baltimore Bishop.

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love the song its what true baltimore fans need
Thanks. I have a new version coming out soon for this seasons team. 
Nice work man!
ppreciate it

Ravens vs Browns Preview: NFL Week 12 Picks

The Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns are both having major roster issues, and both have been terrible bets in recent weeks. They meet in Monday Night ...

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i pick ravens plus 2.5
great job thanks
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