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Cbs baltimore ravens parade Videos

Baltimore Ravens 2012-2013 Super Bowl Season, Right Place, Right Time

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl season 2012-2013, from Preseason Practice to Super Bowl Parade, as seen from the eyes of a big fan. All rights of the football ...

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All rights of the football action footage and interviews go to the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL, CBS, and their affiliates, broadcasters and respective owners. We do not own the music and some of the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. We do not gain any profit from this video since it is for entertainment purposes only. Music: The Rolling Stones, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Preston narrates this video of his favorite football team winning the Super Bowl and him taking off from school to attend the parade.

Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl victory parade in Baltimore

Thousands of cheering Ravens fans jam the streets of Baltimore for the Super Bowl victory parade. Report by Sarah Johnston. Subscribe to ITN News!

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If you think it's for pussies then how about you try playing a little and see how soft it is. It's easy to talk smack when you're just sitting in front of a computer.
yeah them daggum prospectors from the 1849 gold rush, hate them all. oh you mean the sports team.....>_>
American football my arse, its Rugby for pussies with all that padding
Well done Balitmore Ravens. You done your fans proud

Baltimore Police Search For Officer Impersonators Who Rob Victims « CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A warning from Baltimore City Police. Impersonators are on the loose, claiming to be officers, then robbing victims on the street. Meghan ...

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Probably just a case of some real taxpayers wanting their stolen tax money back from the illegals that are sucking off Uncle Sam.

Killer Curves - Dr. Onyewu on WJZ13 - CBS Baltimore

OTMM client Dr. Onyewu of Jamachi Plastic Surgery and MediSpa appears on an investigative piece from WJZ13 - CBS Baltimore. More and more women ...

Baltimore Police Show Off New Fleet Of Foxtrot Helicopters « CBS Baltimore

State of the art technology aboard Baltimore Police Department's new fleet of helicopters will give police officers some extra tools in the city's fight against ...

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These helicopters are great during the riots sometimes their a pain in the ass when your trying to sleep. But they have been invaluable for controlling the riots. They cant do everything but they do alot.
Hopefully they can use this to finally catch Marlo Stanfield and the Greek

2 Violent Robberies In Charles Village Area « CBS Baltimore.mp4

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Two quiet Baltimore neighborhoods are rocked by violent robberies. Alex DeMetrick reports one of the assaults happened just blocks from ...

Multiple Shootings In Baltimore Leave 1 Dead « CBS Baltimore.mp4

A 12-year-old boy is in grave condition after being shot in the neck and head. He was one of 4 young people targeted Tuesday in a quadruple shooting in ...

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Niggs, nuff said.

Barber Shop Murder Suspects Caught On Surveillance « CBS Baltimore

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