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Baltimore ravens evans Videos

lee evans dropped pass 2012 afc championship.avi

Baltimore lee evans dropped pass.

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Wrong wording. All these Ravens fans posting are calling it a drop. Exactly where in the video does the guy drop the ball? I dunno bout you, but the 30 or so times I'VE watched it, the Patriots guy knocks it out. Now, if I'm standing in the kitchen & somebody climbs through the window & knocks a cup of coffee out of my hand, do I say I "dropped" it? No, I say,"Hey, why are you in my kitchen & why did you KNOCK the cup out of my hand?" Bitter Ravens fans refusing to give the Pats player credit
the calvin johnson rule does not apply here for evans never goes to the ground but the ball does get knocked out before his second foot hits the gorund. if i have possesion and both feet in bounds and some one knocks it out my hands it is a fumble but in the endzone you cant fumble so as long as you have possesion with both feet inbounds and you do not go to the ground it is a catch even if someone knocks it out afterwards
You're forgetting the rule that possession has to be made throughout the catching motion. It needs to be CLEAR that he held possession all the way through the catch to be called a touchdown. Anyone with even a brief knowledge of NFL rules would know this. In this case, Evans did not maintain possession and there is NOT conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field.
This is by far the worst play of that season...look at Lee Evans eyes...he wanted to celebrate so bad I think he was about to lift the ball up in celebration...i'm not a raven's fan but that was some bull. fyi - no it was not a catch; Megatron's catch in that season was though.
Both of his feet were down I say it was a completed pass and they should have at least reviewed it. That's what pissed me off. If the ravens would've have called a time out after that play the booth might have decided to review it and the ravens would have won the game
he didnt have possesion long enough for it to be considered a fumble i just compared it to the calvin johnson rule because they dont count it as TD when you hit the ground and the ball squirts out as you dont have possesion long enough thats why i compared it
If you freeze it at 4 seconds...It appears he has possession with his right foot down and his left toes making contact with the ground. Players scrape their toes all of the time making touchdowns. Why is this not considered a touchdown at this point?
It was a touchdown. He caught the ball had control when first foot hit. Had control when second foot hit. After the second foot hit, then the ball comes out. Blown call. Once the ball is controlled and both feet hit, it's a touchdown no matter what.
as much as i hate the patriots that was an incomplete pass this is the "calvin johnson rule" thats why its an incomplete pass it doesnt matter if you get to feet down you must maintain possesion all the way threw
This is not a dropped pass. Im from baltimore and I am a ravens fan and it was just a "great defensive play".. not even close to a catch.. not even close...
It should have at least been reviewed. Patriots do get some calls at home in the playoffs. No doubt.
that was a caught pass . wtf . he caught it . made 2 steps . THEN the ball was deflected .
Ravens fan here, yeah, he didn't have control. At least that's what it looks like to me.
Ravens fans are the pettiest. Clearly its incomplete he did not maintain possession.
pretty lucky that cundiff missed the kick, took all the blame off him
if this is a touchdown, then megatron's catch was as well.
the ball was coming out as his second foot touched, no TD
patriots cheated by holding dennis pitta before this play
Not a dropped pass just an amazing play by Sterling Moore
This hurts to say but no way was that a catch...
oh as opposed to this? go to 6:38 =SlRDP7tN-Lo
Why you gotta be talkin' shit about coffee?
I'm a ravens fan and he dropped that ball
i was expecting a British comedian
just a damn good play whilte

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Luke is such interesting person to listen)
lovely interview of a lovely man :)

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myra kraft from the heavens above pushed it wide left something wierd will happen in the super bowl to give the patriots the win too - you'll see
This gave the kicker a horrible name. He's a good kicker, and the dumbasses making fun of him couldn't kick a ball more than 10 yards.
there was just as many no called on both teams buddy so try that again and if its so fixed why do u watch football
Ahhh Jim the patriot werent going to the superbowl it wasnt end of regulation
this was a feel good moment because I hate the ravens guts
.......the patriots lost the superbowl.....what happened?
no your wrong is fuck the superbowl champions ravens :D
as a ravens fan i dont know wether to like or dislike
too bad she didnt push the hail mary into gronks hands
that had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Im a pats fan, but damn they got lucky
Yup we will definitely see, oh wait.
Lol wilkforks huge head was steaming
They won cuz it was fixed faggot
Best FG ever. Fuck the ravens
feel bad for the kicker tho
lol how'd that work out
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