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Baltimore ravens grass Videos

Full Presser: Harbaugh On Switching To Grass Field

Head Coach John Harbaugh addressed the media after practice on Friday, Dec. 4.

White House South Lawn before Ravens, President arrive

President Obama welcomed the Baltimore Ravens to the White House for a visit.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens | Carl's Lock | Adult Swim

Carl reviews Black Monday's firings and why they all deserved it. SUBSCRIBE: //bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Carl's Lock: Carl's Lock is Adult Swim's ...

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Once again, I don't give a shit what I sound like, and the opinion of some asshole on YouTube means jack shit to me. And sounds to me like you were a bench warmer or you played in a pussy ass division. Seriously though, I couldn't care less about what you have to say so fuck off. This conversation wasn't even directed to you in the first place.
Put some gear on and actually play it you fucking pussy. All you pussies do is talk shit about football but the truth is you've never actually played. If I went heads up with you, I'd put your bitch ass down on the ground. You're just some little bitch behind a keyboard.
Left4deadfreak is also just a lil bitch behind a keyboard ...who's never ever played football ......srry truth hurts fatass ......well if your so tough then leave your house address on here.... yeah that's what I thought..
You definitely don't play real football if you're spending all this time on the internet. Jocks don't use computers. L2Society, and go back to beating off, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays to feel productive.
I don't give a fuck what I sound like. All I'm saying is that little bitch needs to put on some shoulder pads and a helmet, and actually play football before he goes and runs his bitch mouth.
Tough day indeed when your tear ducts are permanently scarred by tear gas after running on to the field and trying to light someone on fire with a fart LOL
Baltimore rested most of their starters and Rey Lewis is rumored to coming back this week, Ravens will be taking it.
Take this valuable knowledge to AC Beach or whatever off-shore establishment you are accustomed to. THIS IS GOLD!!!
lol carl picked the giants to win the super bowl last year he knows what he is talking about!!!! go colts!!!!
Pablo, I'm Aussie. And you obviously don't understand American football. It's a hell lot tougher than rugby.
PLEASE pick the Broncos for next week so the Ravens will win. You know, cause every week he guesses wrong.
Lol you sound ridiculous. Football really isn't tough of a sport to play and I played for 2 years in HS.
Lol, I missed a single letter. My bad. Doesn't mean you don't sound like an internet tough guy.
I would like to see the Colts win. Chances are they won't, but I would like to see them win.
I was just wondering if any non-Americans ever watched these. Thanks for answering!

Final Drive: Time Lapse Of Stadium Turf Removal

As the Ravens switch to natural grass for 2016, watch the artificial turf be removed piece by piece.

Fishing Grass at Loch Raven Reservoir

Went out on a day of rain, wind, and more rain. Still was able to produce some bites though!

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Aiden what camera do you use
+Imposing YT In this video I just used my phone.
Another good video!
I understand man there finally starting to turn on around here its been a tough summer all around for me.
+Alex Rudd Fishing Thanks! it was a tough day so there wasn't much to film.
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