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Transylvania university szeged Videos

Fábri-Ivánovics Tünde / Szőke vize zavaros a Tiszának

szőke vize zavaros a szőke vize zavaros a tiszának mondd meg annak a szép barna mondd meg annak a szép barna kislánynak hogy az egész tisza vize ...

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Nagy kedvencem:-)

Fábri-Ivánovics Tünde / Szivaroztam megégettem a számat

szivaroztam megégettem a számat odahaza más öleli a babámat más öleli más is ül az ölébe más leánynak kacsingat a szemébe s életemben csak egyszer ...

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Egyszer hallottam a tv-ben ezt a dalt és annyira megtetszett, hogy nagyon, aztán sokáig kerestem, míg nem megtaláltam és ez most bearanyozta a napom :-))
Valaki meg tudná mondani, hogy pontosan hova valósi ez a népdal?
Ez egy magyarszováti népdal :)

Hungarian attempts at Autonomy in Romania (excerpt)

Philip Bognar (MA International Affairs, Washington University in St. Louis) speaking at University of Szeged in Hungary for American Hungarian Educators' ...

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@MrAntibozgor No I think you all are like that. Hungary since 896 has had Transylvania and all the land that it lost. There were no Slovaks, Whlachs, or any Slavic people in that uninhabitated region, except for the Avars, who as Historians have proved are the Hungarian speaking people. So If anyone is like the Russians it is you people. Communism is still very active in your countries and so is your discrination practices...
Fine if USA thinks we should give up Transilvania to Hungary because there are many of them there, i want USA to give up California and Nevada to Mexico, because there are many mexicans there. When they will do that, when all nations artound the world will do that, THEN and ONLY THEN i will do the same.
@MrAntibozgor Everyone agrees discrimination leads to lack of rights, which if it is done to enough people then it could lead to major struggles and even war. Just take a look at the Texan Revolution, Americans discriminated in Texas by Mexicans, lost rights, they fought back.
@MrAntibozgor what are you talking about? What books are you reading? You people are just like the Russians, get land and claim it as your own and hold on to it as long as you like. We don't need another war to disturb Central Europe, wer just need a peaceful Europe.
@AquilaCarpatica The reality is that they like many other peoples disappeared into history. They blended and intermixed like people do. In the end the Slavs were able to come into such lands where the Avars, Kun and Hun peoples lived and "claim it" .
@MrAntibozgor First of all Transylvania was always Hungarian, and it wasn't until the Habsburgs brought u Whlachs in that Transylvania was pure. 1000 years went by and it was Hungarian. Don't forget History repeats itself
@koppanyrun So in your opinion till avars were some extraterestrials who lift up the people who lived before avars.
Autonomy is the next step to secession. And the hungarian government is massively working towards that objective.
Stop begging for land Hungary.We romanians will not give to you 1 inch from our holly land.
As stupid like tje roygaynian fucks saying that Erdély "transylvania" is roygaynia.
Is this dude speaking in his living room?
13 gay roygaynian fucks disliked.
Transylvania , Dacia!

Majó Zoltán: Az SZTE gazdálkodása 2010-2012

Az előadás az Oktatói Hálózat szegedi csoportjának "Kihívások" című fórumán hangzott el. Szeged, 2013. február 7. SZTE BTK Auditorium Maximum.

A video for Cultural European Nights - AEGEE locals of Hungary at RTC

Enjoy the AEGEE-Spirit of AEGEE-Budapest, AEGEE-Pécs, AEGEE-Debrecen, AEGEE-Szeged and AEGEE-Piliscsaba! Let's spread the Hungarian culture ;)

Come And Get It | DANCE | BR

Come And Get It Krewella razihel remix Szeged Bor fesztivál Hídi vásár Dubstep Music Tutorial Dance Tutorial How to Dubstep How to Dance Bánfi Richárd ...

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jó csak figyelj oda bele ne törjön a fű a gatyádba :DD
u must practice alot this is great
a cipőmből épphogy kijött :D
dude your good at this!!!!
Taníts mester xDD :DDDD
dang yo like a pro
u r sick!!
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