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2006 jeep commander mercedes transmission Videos

Mercedes 722.6 Transmission Conductor Plate Repair Part 1- Overview & Pan

This video shows the beginning of the long and painful journey of replacing the conductor plate and harness on my 2000 Mercedes E320 4Matic I did in my ...

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I think I missed it but what's the mileage on your W210?
About 130,000 as of making this video.


HOW TO USE THE TIP-TRONIC TRANSMISSION ON A JEEP //www.twinpineautogroup.com //www.twinpineautogroupreviews.com ...

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Is there a way to make it so you could change gears at any time and the tiptronic wont change the gear for you? My car has a tiptronic. When the car is stopped I cant change the gear up. When going from 1st to 2nd gear, it changes the gear automatically. I want want that. In a real stick shift I could change to any gear at any time. Even if it damages my engine, I still would rather have the choice since I know when to change the gear.
thank u.....i never drove a car that had such drag on the motor and trans....what a piece of crap....lousy gas mileage tooo

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