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Orlando doppler radar in motion Videos

FlightScope Studio: Joe Miller on FlightScope

FlightScope, used by RE/MAX Long Drive champion Joe Miller, represents the most accurate 3D Doppler tracking radar in the industry. FlightScope is in use by ...

Raw video: Red light runner slams into other vehicle in Apopka

A driver who ran a red light in Apopka at US Highway 441 and SR 451 at 6 a.m. Monday is in critical but stable condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

GRAnalyst LOCAL Radar & Warnings - Oklahoma City & St. Louis Tornadoes 5/31/13

GRAnalyst footage of LOCAL (see also regional) NEXRAD and TDWR radar reflectivity, velocity, and NROT rotation around Oklahoma City and Saint Louis as ...

03/02/12 - 03/03/12 National Radar

March 2nd - March 3rd National Radar Loop.


PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION BELOW!!! This vid is addressed to those using a radar detector in their vehicle AND driving in beautiful Daytona ...

User Comments

Daytona Beach Shores police are the most aggressive in the county....
+Daytona*Beach Rest assured, ZERO unmarked police cruisers (cars, bikes, SUVs, P/U trucks) equipped with police radar in all Daytona Beach area, I'm talking about municipal police and not county or FHP.Been to Daytona Beach area some five times in the past 10 years using my Beltronics STI radar detector, all police radar warnings came form marked police cruisers and zero from unmarked ones.I think you meant detective or homicide or drug squad, etc. police cars, in that case YES, they all use unmarked cars but those are not equipped with police radar.An example of unmarked police cruiser:https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3796/14258747634_a1d468722d_b.jpgEnjoy the Sunday.
+Chris RoadWarrior True on all accounts. Daytona Beach (not shores) Are sneaky. They utilize Unmarked Trucks and Car's on A1A.
+Daytona*Beach A fairly wide road, Atlantic Ave, with always very light traffic (except Bike Week, right?), very long AND with purposely low speed limit, that's impossible not to go 15mph over the 35 mph posted speed limit, right?They are ALWAYS out there doing speed enforcement, biker cops as well.An old vid of mine from the very same area on the very same issue when I did not have an HD camera, one of my very first vids after I opened my YT channel in 2009, using the same Baltronics STI Driver, ugly vid compared to the 2015 vids:www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnmvTtqTkhAOn a side note, tomorrow I'm resuming my travel vids, I paused today from U/L my next vid out of respect for the victims of Paris terrorist attacks.Be safe, stay safe and God Bless.Chris
Very good range! Got to love it.
+transammatt I wish I had the freedom to use any new RD on the market, Matt.Unfortunately driving a lot in illegal areas restrict me to the STI or Escort Redline, but personally I'm very happy with the performance of my STI Driver.I'm gonna keep it until one day dies on me and then I'll see what's on the market for illegal areas.Mine is hardwired AND mounted high up the sunvisor, maybe that's why I'm getting a fairly good detection range.No LJs on my part, only the STI.I just subscribed to your channel, next days I'm gonna have my say on your traffic vids.Drive safely and ticket-free.Chris
+Chris RoadWarrior I had the Sri driver years ago. Then the 9500ix come out. I love the quietness of a GPS radar detector.Thanks for the video.
+transammatt To be honest with you, I got nothing to complain about my STI Driver built 50/08 (week 50 of year 2008), it's got latest software AND a damn good range, therefore no reason to upgrade to Magnum version OR go for the favorite of RD community, Escort Redline.As I drive a lot in Ontario, Quebec and Virginia, I have just two RDs to chose from, STI or Escort Redline.If you click on my channel and Playlists, on the Police Radar playlist you see couple of more RD vids including a National Park Ranger running Ka 35.5 in his/her SUV.Enjoy the weekend and always drive safely AND... ticket-free.Chris
May max 360 would of beat that. NOT!
+transammatt Never use it while driving in VA, Ontario, Quebec and rest of Atlantic Canada, cause it's damn expensive to lose it, right?https://www.escortradar.com/max360/
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