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Travel channel commercials Videos

Travel Channel commercials, 2/9/2007 part 1

First of five parts. Commercials aired during an episode of Passport to Europe. - Ditech.com 800-71-FIXED - Rice-A-Roni - BP (Why Are Biofuels Important?)

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That Cylaris ad is just terrible. I would hope no one bought it based on that...

Travel Channel commercials, 2/9/2007 part 5

Commercials aired after Great Vacation Homes. - Hawaii Tourism - American Express Gold Card 800-THE-CARD All rights reserved. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF ...

Travel Channel Commercial - Samantha Brown Prank

Michael Torpey and Will Hines put together a really smart, really great prank for Samantha Brown. Then she comes in and ruins it.

Travel Channel - Travel Bug Campaign

Travel Supermarket Advert 2016 Holiday Like a German TV Commercial

Travel Supermarket Advert 2016 Holiday Like a German TV Commercial. Renowned for their efficiency and great planning skills (especially when it comes to ...

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#Travel #Supermarket #Holiday

Bizarre Foods - Andrew Zimmern - 2 Commercials

Travel Channel Bizarre Foods - Andrew Zimmern Commercials.

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When he ate the heart, did he say Cancer???
Lmao anything for fish head
lol gota love his show
mmmm fish head

1994 Commercials

1994 Buick Riviera Nokia Cell Phones Honda Generators UGL Dry-Lok Concrete Sealer The Travel Channel.

Brad Libbey Maine Tourism commercial 2009

Fleur De Lis Louisiana Tourism Commercial

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