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Best Gift for the Holidays from the Hallmark Channel. Kym Douglas demonstrates her pick for best gift of the holiday, Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer.

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Across the pond and beyond

I went abroad! And this is (some of) what happened. Part one: London! Music by the excellent ALL CAPS: The song! //dft.ba/-2PNx The channel!

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Not every small pun need to have it's own song. I understand that the internet is huge and full of such useless stuff but why don't you look up the recipe and try to make an awesome scone yourself instead of expecting others to write songs about it. Or hey, you could write the song yourself. I'm sure either of those would be much more fun (for you personally). And those 29 likes on your comment don't make this less true. Have a nice day. :)
Scones are delicious. They are also quite easy to make from scratch. I kinda want to make some now! Also a couple friends of mine went to London recently and apparently they hated it. I do not see how that is possible. They also went to Scotland and liked it so much they want to go back. But they refuse to go back to London. I just don't understand.
Honey that chess set is from the isle of Lewis (beautiful island in the western isles (Scotland) I go there on holiday it's perfect co it's like an hour and a half flight from gatwick not including the stop at Glasgow, getting away from the point!) it's considered one of the of not the earliest chess sets ever made hope that helps xx
I've found the best way to remember significant stuff is to take a picture, then take a picture of its little sign describing it. Then you can upload it to the internet, make a quick caption so you don't have to remember anymore, then you can go back an delete all the description signs and still have room on your camera.
I just wanted to say thank you for always trying to respond to comments. I really do appreciate it and I'm sure that others do as well. You seem like such a lovely down-to-Earth person and it really is a joy to watch your videos. :) Also, your Narwhals with arthritis song is one of the best videos on Youtube!
I never new that you became famous because of meekakitty and it got me thinking that you or anyone on youtube with enough views could actually change someone else's life forever. I thought it was creepy but cool. I justwanted to say that i love your videos and have been watching them for ages!! DFTBA!!
While in England did you visit the blue box cafe ( or the blue cafe box. I could never tell) on the doctor set? Did you ride on any fair rides. And also, do you like Doctor Who? I was on a road trip and watch your videos for over two hours on the recommendation of charlieissocoollike
it's funny how i live in London and yet i find it seem cooler and more interesting in your video...or most outsider videos for that matter. It's interesting how one gets desensitized to the offerings of the place one lives in.
2:48 Camera scanning the crowd and suddenly Liam Dryden appears, looking dapper and scottish. Seriously though, he looks dapper as fuck and he's just staring into the distance. WHAT ARE YOU, LIAM??
'still game' is a scottish tv programme and they did an episode about creating advertising slogans for scones. Its very funny. I was hoping someone would know what I was on about
To be honest, when I get a reply, I actually flail a little. Nah but seriously it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling that someone so awesome has actually replied to my drivel :P
I went to London on a school trip near that time! And I'm pretty convinced the day you went to the museum was the day I got lost in the museum and my class left me......
I missed you in London? NOOOO - I would have come to give you a HUGE hug if I knew you was coming - damn me for being busy and "ignoring" YouTube for several months :(
One of the things you photgraphed was the Lewis Chessmen. A medieval chess set made in Norway and found in Scotland. They're the bomb. And referenced in Harry Potter.
oh scones! how art loves thou. as thou meets thy pearly teeth, in a symphony of flavours, i can not deny one's self a satisfied noise of contemptment. nom nom nom.
The trip and the gatherings looked like a lot of fun for all that attended. I did watch this in reverse order so it was kind of like going backwards in time.
I liked this video. You have a particular gift for making travel videos interesting. So many people make montage-y travel videos that are boring as hell.
Love the use of "Don't Unplug Me" :D ... But so upset I haven't been on YouTube in so long that I didn't know about the gathering until now :(
Everyone's going to England! I want to go there so bad and it is slowly eating away at my soul that I'm not there. Lovely video as always!
Hey, I say LittleRadge!!! So THAT'S what he's been up to, while we've been waiting patiently (or not) for him to make another video....
Elmify, you realize that the majority of the internet would ask you out on site right o.o.. in which case, how do you handle it :O?
I've made scones, they were delicious! Which is why I think they deserve an ode. :D Of course the final decision rests with Elmify.
Not necessarily. Sometimes you make a large round and then cut them into wedges before baking. Sometimes scones are TRIANGLES! :D
Did anyone else shriek at what looked like a brief Liam sighting at 2:48 ? Is that who that was? Certainly looked like him
If you want to see more of what he's been up to, go watch the new ItsWayPastMyBedTime video. I saw him in that.
DON'T UNPLUG ME. NOOO FROOODOOO. (Don't know why I felt the need to put those two together. Oh well. Good day)
You like allcaps? Or meekakitty? Or italktosnakes! Or Luke! Ahhhh I don't which one you got the song from !!
I was asking myself "The i in what?". Then I realised you were riding the Eye, and not writing the i.
Exactly a year ago on Saturday I visited all of the places you showed. Boy am I feeling nostalgic...
EXCELLENT "Out-tro" I can't wait to see "Across the Pond and Beyond, Part Two - Electric Boogaloo!"
The gathering was amazing! was so nice to meet so many great people including yourself of course!

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