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The PERFECT BEACH - Manatee Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida

The Perfect Beach - Manatee Beach, Anna Maria Island, Florida, USA Travel Guru TV = The Travel Channel Travel videos from all over the world. Have fun!

Discover Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach, Florida has been named The Most Fun Small Town in America by Rand McNally, USA Today, Travel Channel, and DMAI! A thriving, trendy beach ...

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Discover Jason Genova, Sith Lord.

RELAXING VIDEO #3 BEST FLORIDA BEACHES Ocean Wave Sounds Nature Waves relaxing sleep relax HD

3 OF 4 ≈ //www.wavesdvd.com ≈ Relax Now. Visit our Channel. 8-) In honor of Florida's Beaches in danger from the BP oil spill disaster 2010 and before ...

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Now I know what to tell friends & family to buy mefor birthdays & Christmas. Wonderful stuff. :0) Since you're a business I recommend you monitor spammers who are putting links & nasty comments here or shut off commenting on your videos. It reflects badly on you as a company. And "Rapist41", with a name like that, serious or not, vacations are the least of your problems. Seek mental health help. I'm serious. You can get some free from the mental health hotlines in your phone book.
@Warfresco - Keep up the hard studying... I would have loved to have been able to chill to these Waves when I went to UC Santa Barbara... Oh, but UCSB is on the beach, maybe that's why I went there... But watchin waves does help one goto sleep before a big calculus exam... I promise you that... real or video the sights and sounds calms the mind and helps your memories solidify before the exam.
My sweet-wonderful Florida beach...I pray you will always be the tranquil, magical sandy dreamland you have always been to me and so many of us...we love you, we treasure our happy times treading our happy heels into your wet sands... thank you for all those precious times..some are frozen in photos..others frozen in the memories of our hearts and minds...thank you...
FL isn't that great when you actually live there...who am I kidding? I think I would die if I wasn't any where near a beach. Only advantage to Florida; Ive never seen snow. I have no idea what its like to see it or be in it. Of course Ive seen movies and pics with snow. But I'm sure its not the same at all.
This is just AH-mazing! Florida, here I come! Soon, very soon!! So exited, family and friends, a wedding on the beach, sand between my little toes, hair gone crazy blonde lol. it's going to be a beautiful & unforgettable time to be had by all of us!! eiiiiiiiii Can't wait!!Daydreaming until then lol
well, that is the trick isn't?! Maybe that is why it takes and hour or 2 at a beach, to get a clean 2 minute shot or two... or walking 1/2 mile to find an semi empty beach. Very very hard to do in Florida and Hawaii... but yes, I make it look empty... reality is a bit not so pretty.
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Great Video! Last last February my girlfriend & I had spent 2 weeks visiting Siesta Key, FL. If you haven't been there before, then you really should check it out! Siesta Key was voted on as having the #1 beach in the country for 2011:)
@punalakshmi Don't worry about the oily waters and oily beaches in the region of Gulf of Mexico. The incoming tropical storms and coming hurricanes will clean up that oil out in the Atlantic ocean. It will be clean again.
I have suffered from horrid nightmares for a very long while but I've found that since I started listening to this video while falling asleep I sleep much better. Thanks for the vid!
@holt87 Don;t worry about the oil spill that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico because the incoming tropical storm will clean up the oil spill in the ocean and beaches.
@TheIxtlan dude your a fucking dick how could you find something like this funny im no activist or eco nut but its sad what has become of the beaches 0/10 for trolling
I live in Jacksonville, so im not always accessible to a beach. As a florida kid all my life, I find it impossible to think without these specific types of waves. 
If you like this... check out our new HD FLORIDA BEACHES 2.... the beaches and sunsets look incredible in HD. Visit our channel for more. Glad you like it. 8-)
Make your own NON Commercial Music Videos with our Waves Video Footage and Post it as a video response. NOTE - Youtube will auto claim and monetize the video.
We shot Navarre Beach - just search for it and look for a Radar Tower that I thought was a lighthouse. ;-) Very nice beach by the way with some nice surf.
in the burbs of NYC snow laughing gleefully mush and gush pain in the tush how nice a warm florida beach would be with sand and surf my only company KLK

Delray Beach Wins Most Fun Town

It's official! Delray Beach, Florida has been named The Most Fun Small Town in America by Rand McNally, USA Today, Travel Channel, and DMAI! A thriving ...
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