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The Travel Channels Extreme Playtime at CPX Sports!!

From the Travel Channles website: CPX Sports is hands-down the most elaborate paintball facility in the entire country. It's more than 10 times the size of your ...

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@EntropicMisanthropic yea..... but thats only scenario players...... look up speedball paintball and make sure that you are more informed before you post. And who cares if people wanna dress up like delta force or spec ops or whatever. im sure that you have a passtime, and this is ours. Simunition is almost the exact same thing as paintball, but it is not avaliable to the public, and most people dont own tactical weapons such as an AR-15. Have a little respect for people.
I go there all the time they have airsofting and paint balling if u go on open play there are places tht give out gold passes for open play maybe sports authority and maybe the paintball store in lockport I don't know I haven't been to the store and cpx is the best place everr
@EasyDoesIt61 They have special Days for Airsoft Only Every Sunday Of the Month They have Airsoft , which I am going to tomorrow
@EasyDoesIt61 I played there the last two months including today airsofters play on the same fields as the paintballers do.
Bullshit skirmish paintball in pa has 53 fields scattered over 700+ acres and they make 2 new fields a year
@dyerthunder25 yeah i might go if i get money its the last sunday of the month april through november
Very cool I can't wait to start going there I will be going to the living legends big game may 21-22.
@absoluteblkade3 no they have an airsoft section for airsofters on the site and ive seen videos
Umm if my airsoft gun chronographs at 410 fps will they still allow me to play anyone??
@EasyDoesIt61 its a paintball facility not an airsoft facility paintballers only.
Team Hellions FTW!!!! Can't wait for Living Legends 4! WARHAMMER!!!!!!
im going here tomorrow to play the commentator thing.
this place still has the best field wich is bedlam

Adam Richman -- Travel Channel Pulls Show After Online 'Suicide' Taunt

Adam Richman's new show on the Travel Channel just got yanked in the wake of his rant over the term "thinspiration" ... the one where he encouraged a hater to ...

Steve Booker: California, Part 1 | Find Your State Of Play | STA Travel

Goood Mooorning LA! UK photographer, traveller and lifestyle vlogger Steve Booker kicks off his Californian adventure with a visit to Venice Beach, a road trip to ...

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Did +Steve Booker edit this series or were they edited by someone else?
I would also love to know this detail.

Social weekend, lesson learned + not feeling ready

I'm Cookie Taylor, I'm 43 and a couple of years ago I switched to a plant-based lifestyle to lose weight and improve my health. I started out at around 310lbs; I've ...

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Hell yeah! If it takes you 50 attempts, you'll still get there. (Although I hope not, that sounds a bit pricey lol).
Oh and happy birthday!!

Is the time travel possible? | KISS Breakfast Takeaway

This morning on Kiss Breakfast, Rickie was asking if it's possible to travel back in time... Subscribe to our channel: //bit.ly/SubscribeToKiss -------- Listen live, ...
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