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Corvette diner uws Videos

3050 concession 8 Pickering

Welcome to 3050 Concession Rd 8, a custom-built 14838 sq. ft. raised bungalow located on 10 acres of property in North Pickering, and represented by DeClute ...

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This is such a gigantic house. I would be scared to death to live here with my young family of four :{ well 4th is on the way.... perhaps if you live in a joint family system this will be ideal for them.
I only love the down stairs, up stairs is ugly, cheap carpets, and baseboards, and drive way looks like a parking lot. ugly.
though it is ugly I believe that I can change this home
ugly home- looks like a hotel!
this home looks like a museum

house fire

the smoke detector doesn't start going off until halfway through the video, because the upstairs was all fresh air rushing upward to feed the fire.

VOYAGE TO AMERICA 1960s or 50s

lots to see here, New York skyline, planes, trains, Broadway, passenger liners, White Star lines, Times Square.

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Do you know what liner this was filmed aboard at the beginning? I'm think it's the Queen Elizabeth.
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