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Lexington ma youth basketball Videos

Dunbar Y Youth Basketball Summer League - Knicks vs Bulldogs

This was a Dunbar Y Youth Basketball League game that took place on August 5, 2015 at the Dunbar Y in Springfield MA.

Myles Penniman Lexington High School Basketball 2010/2011 season

Myles Penniman Lexington High School Basketball Junior season.

Lexington Minutemen vs. Foxboro Warriors girls basketball, 12.13.2011

Highlights from the LHS 2011-12 season opener against Foxboro.

Lexington Basketball (Stephen's layup.)

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A little hook shot! --The Shot Science Guys
U stink!!!!

Lexington Christian Academy Fantasticks Trailer

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CTown vs Lexington HS March 2012 - Rony Fernandez

Rony Fernandez highlight reel from game vs. Lexington HS (MA) - March 2012 (State Tournament)

The Layover Tiger Dominion Edition: Battle of Lexington Avenue Sweet Revenge

Friday January 6, 2012 was the battle of Lexington Avenue with 3 Hunter teams took on Baruch (Men's and Women's Basketball Teams then Womens Swimming ...

NBA Preseason Game STREET PREACHING | Pelicans vs. Kings | Kerrigan Skelly

Video footage of Kerrigan Skelly from PinPoint Evangelism //www.pinpointevangelism.com street preaching at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY at a Preseason ...

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Would you say by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus' death on the cross, He made people already righteous, holy and blameless if they simply believe in Him?
So it's Jesus + your works, your striving and your performance? That's not freedom, that's bondage and flat out self-righteousness and pride. How can you know for sure if you have truly have repented of ALL sin!? You are looking more at yourself rather than what Christ did as it says "I have been crucified with Christ." The more conscious you are of sin and your sin stopping performance, the more you will sin. It's an identity issue. Don't you think we should be Christ conscious? Is yoke easy and his burden is light. Grace.
+Jordan Warner You nee to repent of ALL of your sins to be saved. You are very confused. Repentance has nothing to do with whether or not Christ's death on the cross "was enough". In order to partake of the forgiveness and mercy that God offers to all sinners, you MUST repent of ALL sin.Do you believe that you must "believe" in order to be saved? Then, according to you, Jesus' death on the cross wasn't enough...your belief was needed as well. Do you have to repent of any sin (including unbelief)? Then, according to you, Jesus' death on the cross wasn't enough...your repentance of some sin was necessary. The only way you could actually be consistent is if you are a Calvinist who believes that God does EVERYTHING- He makes you believe, makes you repent, makes you born again, etc.
So how many sins do I need to repent of before I am right with God? And if need to repent of all of my sins to be saved, then the cross wasn't enough? Jesus + my works to be saved? So it's not "finished?"
+Jordan Warner "Simply believe"? Surely you watched the video that you are posting under, right? God commands you to repent of your sins. If you have a faith that doesn't bring forth obedience/works, then you have a dead faith that will not save you.
Why does that guy keep walking around with that dog? Great preaching!
+Stan5 Thanks! I think that it was because he was looking for drugs and/or bomb making materials.
+kerriganskelly Great preaching Kerrigan great vdeo the sound is crisp and sharp and the zoom shots was terrific angle shots as well whoever did the camera did a great jod God bless you Kerrigan and those that was with you:)
+TheStrawbeery AMEN!
+Kerrigan Skelly No problem,Wow your children did the video? wow that's great That is a such a blessing  praise Jesus
+TheStrawbeery Thanks brother! My children actually did the videotaping...my oldest daughter did most of it and then my oldest son did the last part. They are both born again and always want to go out witnessing with me! Praise the Lord!
Amen amen in Jesus Christ name! God bless you and keep preaching the Word of God almighty. I love you in Christ SKelly!
+Maherlyne Severe Praise the Lord! HE is good!
Beautiful worship in the intro.... is this your congregation? I wish I attended a church that had reverent music like this.
Great job preaching Brother! I really liked when you told the kid not to idolize players and follow Jesus. I totally agree that you can't idolize players, and swearing about bad calls or plays, getting drunk, etc. are definitely sins, but if I'm not doing those things at the games, and I'm leading players and fans closer to Jesus, is it still sinful to be a sports fan/player?
+Kerrigan Skelly I've got a lot to discuss about this, so I'll just email you for clarification. Thanks for the insight.
+Dean Barker THANKS! Dean, being a former sports fan, I know how time consuming it can be and how much of a waste of time it can be. The Bible commands us to redeem the time and to walk carefully. How are you leading players and fans closer to Jesus? By doing what I am doing, preaching the Word, I am leading them closer to Jesus. You don't have to be a sports fan, to lead people closer to Jesus.
Getting Obsessed Over NBA Basketball-Get Obsessed Over Jesus
+kjchicago1 AMEN! Jesus is the only one worth getting obsessed over!
can you try preaching at a high school?
+doria aguilera I've prayerfully considered it, but the Lord hasn't led me to do that yet.

Lexington African Worship Restoration Church

Lexington African Worship Restoration Church Yaya Alfani , Junior Kalukani video.
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