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Porsche 911 damaged repairable Videos

Crashed New Porsche 911 Turbo S Looks Like a T-rex Tore Its Side

At least half a dozen other websites have "discovered" that Ferrari F12 we found last week. It seems the internet has a taste for our flavor of carnage, so we ...

Stage 2 The Rebuild - Rare 2000 Porsche 911 Millennium C4 Coupe (Limited Edition 38 Out Of 911)

We Visit The Porsche Workshop to Examine our 996 engine to view the damage before the rebuild starts.

How to DAMAGE a Porsche Carrera GT w/ Straight Pipes [HD]

The Carrera GT hit the ground two times. The first time on a site and the second time in a depth garage. The owner REVED the car really hard and accelerated ...

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Hahaha dumbass, buy the way, can i afford one with sallary of 15 000 euros per month, just curious :-)
sure just take out a loan lol

Damaged Repairable Cars (1)

PORSCHE 911 / 997 GT3 COUPE 3.6L 415HP 07-07 GREY 31000M RIGHT SIDE DAMAGE

751406 PORSCHE 911 / 997 GT3 COUPE 3.6L 415HP 07-07 GREY 31000M RIGHT SIDE DAMAGE.

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Damn die heeft een goeie harde smakker gehmaakt. Helaas amper meer wat van te maken. wel nog paar dingen te gebruiken als onderdelen. Hoop dat de motor en versnellingsbak nog in tip top is.
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