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Nutrition in a Minute - S.M.A.R.T. Goals

This week, Christine talks about S.M.A.R.T. Goals and how to effectively apply them.

Professionals' Toolkit: Nutrition Goals

This instructional video supports the tools and information included in the Healthy Living, Healthy Minds: A Toolkit for Health Professionals. This Toolkit provides ...

Smart Goals 01 28 16

This webinar is for school wellness coordinators and anyone working with the local school wellness policies. We will discuss how and why it is important to write ...

SMART goals

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I'm confused, I bought the acting start up and when I enter the password that was provided it tells me that the password was incorrect
How can we measure our acting careers? Can we check our progress daily, or only when something "big" happens?
Thank you very much man, you help me a lot.
Hello from Moldova

SMART goals for 2012

Manitoba's Nutrition Manager Amanda Nash provide healthy eating tips live on BT the first Tuesday of every month. Watch January's segment on making ...


Thoughts after my conference today :D I think I can FINALLY answer the question, "Why did this time work for you? How did you finally lose the weight?

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i just love those moments when you are like "ah, i was supposed to be here". it's just such a great feeling. i definitely need to write my goals down and give them time limits, i truly believe it does help to put them to paper and keep them around you to look at. and congratulations on the business being successful, especially in these current economic troubles. that's awesome! amazing job shanti! thanks for sharing some insight into your guru's ideals. "dreams are wishes that seldom happen"
shanti, u r such a strong women! seriously this morning I felt soooo un motivated , felt like today i was gonna slack off or give up etc.. but nooo after watching this excellent inspiring video of yours I am on track again... everything u said made complete sense & is just what i really needed to hear... I am writing down my goals on everything i see everyday to keep me focused & on track... :) thx shanti!!! *HUGS* Alicia xoxoxo
Hey shanti! I am so glad you love Dave Ramsey so much. I studied his stuff and i love him too..my question for you is do you know his religious beliefs and how he ties that into his financial plan.....what do you think of that part of his ideas? Just curious..from a chrisitan who loves that part of his fancial peace plans to a non-religous woman who loves him just as much. :) Ive wanted to ask you that for awhile...
OMG! OMG! Seriously after watching videos like this, I feel completley re-energized and motivated to take action. Thank you Shanti! It's midnight here in New York and I am just DYING to go to the gym THIS INSTANT lol. I can't keep stagnant now. Not anymore. The only thing stopping me was my own self. This time around, I'm going to do this for myself. I am going to own this goal.
@EIWoodpeckeroLoco, Since when is goal setting something worth criticizing? Since when is being passionate about a lot of things something worth criticizing? If you'd actually pay attention, you'd realize that she doesn't just jump around between passions. She is passionate about a variety of different things. That is ADMIRABLE. She works her butt off--who are you to question it?
I came across the same thing. I went to college for business for my husband. I love having that knowledge. BUT it is time for me to do something for me. I love art. I am learning air brushing for my husband.... I want to do graphic art for me. Just trying to figure out where to start for art school. I am getting negative from him, but really want to do something! This is for me!
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I'm really enjoying your videos. Might I make a suggestion? Rather than saying "I'm going to loose weight, etc..", try saying "I am loosing weight, etc." . Stating your goals in the present tense, rather than as a future endeavor, has a powerful effect on the brain to maintain current action toward the goal. Hope this tidbit is helpful.
Great Talk! Thanks for sharing! I was moving around in life cluelessly and all of them very pissed off with me! my colleague introduced me to this "justgoals" mobile app which helped me to set short/mid/long term goals. now, i have a purpose and i am moving focused in my life. I am like a magnetic force to people around me!
I wish someone with your outreach, your amount of subs, your fans, would do a video on what is going on in this country. Obama today has declared H1N1 a national emergency. For anyone who does not know what this means it means the US Constitution is now SUSPENDED! Everything is now in the hands of FEMA! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
excellent video shanti! my mom went to a dave ramsey class and has done so much better with her money! but i love how you're able to relate it to weight loss too. so far i've lost sight of my goals and just said i wanted to lose weight, but you're right - i need an actual goal and an actual timeline. thanks so much!!
I love that you are just oozing enthusiasm!!! I love going to lectures and coming home all inspired. Even though you've mostly likely heard the content a thousand times before, its not until it get delivers in such a way and at the right time that we really take notice. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for reminding me how important these goals are. It's not just for weight loss... it resonates through your entire life! :) You're so enthusiastic and I can feel the energy radiating from you... You've definitely found the right career!
Dave Ramsey is the man! I'm taking FPU right now... great stuff. Thank you Shanti for your videos. They'll help give me direction as I seek to lose weight. Baby steps, done consistently, for a long time, is what it takes to win!
Its funny, I failed at getting out of debt when I was on my Dave Ramsey kick but the mindset did help me lose 90 lbs. I need to quit being such a baby and take care of my debt, is there a debt loss community on YT? LOL
go girl! thats the stuff im talking about, thats the stuff im looking for when i watch you. You are amazing! keep up the great work! please always be like this you were right on point!
Thanks for this great video! I understand how setting "SMART" goals can work with weight loss but I don't see how it could be used with f.ex language learning og career development ?
*bit hug* I favorited this video of yours :-)) Awesome. Thanks, that was exactly the push I just needed in my life right now... ;-)) (not concerning weight loss)
Great Video! I am going to check this guy out. I have been struggling with getting my business off the ground and I really think this will help! Thanks Shanti!
Sorry if I sound like a jerk but if people do not WAKE UP to what Obama is doing to our country there will be NO MORE YOUTUBE. There will be no more anything!
COuld I please ask what business you run? and Also ay video or strategy to combat with the emotional eating and stresses involved in the jobs??
Amazing video! I amso jealous of you Shanti! It is the dream of my life to run my own business from home! Any tips from you how to start?
Great video! I feel the same way - when I feel productive and happy at work, the rest of my life seems to fall into place.
Thanks that was super inspiring! my mind set is more focused and I know that I can accomplish MY GOAL!


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