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Tulsa drillers schedule 2015 fireworks Videos

Fireworks at the Drillers game

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i was there also!
I was there too!

Tulsa Driller Fireworks

tulsa fireworks gone bad

Fireworks in OKC Bricktown 2013

High Desert Mavericks July 3rd 2008 Fireworks!

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Exactly 17 days later I went to the Mavs with my family and aquaintances. My daughters threw out the first pitch. It was our very first MiLB experience. I definitely want to do this again. I liked it a lot better than the MLB games that I have been to.
was that the same PA announceer at Dodger Stadium? it sounded a lot like him, I was just there at the game last night where kuroda almost had a perfect game.
The announcer did sound the same as the Dodgers. Please post a video on how we need to sign Manny! LOL
Good video. Needs a little more narration; have no idea what's going on.
I don't think so. He is a good announcer though.

Springfield Cardinals Fireworks 9-12-12

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Thank you for recording the show for us! 


Cat3 fireworks comp

Ft. Wayne Tincaps fireworks 6/8/13

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