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Chicken hoisin sauce jamie oliver Videos

Jamie Oliver, Comida en 15 Minutos "Pollo Hoisin con panes de coco Chinos"

Jamie Oliver, Comida en 15 Minutos "Pollo Hoisin con panes de coco Chinos" "Briks de cangrejo dorados con ensalada de cuscus y tomate"

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That horrorible make cucumber salad. He put hand on salad, why don' t use salad spoon instead look fresh. This is like child play food! Grow up think better eere doing!!! See 8:38 sec.
+DELROYJOHNSON73B I think that you don't know what is cooking and I also think that you have a psychological problem about bacteria and cleaning
Maybe if you wash your hands and the food you are eating  - problem solved.
Be careful! That will cause health warning infection became is cyclospora affect with!!! I'm not tell again anymore, better I will shut me up ok. I'm not depend you mate.
+DELROYJOHNSON73B Because he is trying to squeeze the water out of the cucumber. Plus using your hands to mix sald is much better than you can do with spoons. just make sure your hands are clean and it will be fine. using your hands on most food is better than using tools. Pastry, salad are just 2

Chicken Dim Sum and Crab Briks

On the menu is chicken dim sum, coconut buns, cucumber pickle and hoi sin sauce, plus crackin' crab briks, couscous salad and salsa. Visit 15 Minute Meals on ...

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Title is misleading. I thought this was a video about making the crab briks - instead it's the 15 minute meals intro. :( Not at all helpful. 

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Star Competition

Yellow Chicken, Beancurd Steam Rice and Colo-colo.

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I loved that you spoke in your own language and translated :) good luck
Cool Ramones poster! and great video :)
Colo-colo hehe
thanks :)

Chinese Pork Recipes

Chinese pork recipes - All recipes UK . , . . . . Find fabulous and easy Chinese pork recipes for pork ribs, pork stir fries and more. We also have Chinese pork ...

Richard´s Green ChickenCurry (Jamie Oliver & Uncle Ben`s Food Tube Star Competition)

Hi folks. This is my video for Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Search for a Star with Uncle Ben's competition. I cook for you in this video a green chicken curry with ...

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Das musst du dir auf YouTube ansehen:

Chai Rice Pudding - Next Food Tube Star with Jamie Oliver & Uncle Ben's Rice

My Entry for Jamie Oliver and Uncle Ben's Search for the Next Food Tube Star. Visit - www.theconscientiouscook.com for full recipe details.

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Hi Adrian, I agree that a traditional rice pudding is delicious in it's simplicity. This is just a new take on it... A way of combining new flavours really! it is a very simple recipe too. Sometimes it can be nice to try new things! ;)
My goodness, I love your spunk!! Rice pudding and chai tea are two of my favorite things and I will absolutelyyyyyyy be trying out this recipe!!! Maybe I'll throw in some pumpkin for fun, too! Why not, right? Love this! Yum!
I enjoyed both of your videos. My only suggestion is to get the "money shot". That would be serving a portion to see what it would look like when you served it. But GREAT job. Good luck
Oh thanks for the advice... I did have one but it sadly got out trying to get the time down! You're definitely right, it needs one. Glad you enjoyed it, Thank you!
In my opinion rice pudding is one those things that is better when it's kept simple. All you really is -risotto rice -milk -sugar -cinnamon -vanilla -orange zest
I loved it, that was real food that was :)...oh, and please post more cooking videos after this competition, I would love to see what else you can do.
Your lovely comment brought a smile to my face! Thank you! I'll be sure to do more! This was so fun to make!
Oh my god this looks soooooooo good! A recipe i gotta try! Check my video if you like :)
I had watched your video - looks delicious... probably healthier then this dish hehe ;)
Lovely use of super-foods, my little ones had your vote!
She is so cuteeee!
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