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West quad columbia sc address Videos

Search & Rescue ATV 5

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 EPS (power steering); 2 LINZ 6 (red & white); 6 Vertex (red & white); 2 LIN 4 (red & red); 3 M4 (red & red); 1 police motorcyle siren.

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Ok I have a few legitimates questions and please don't think I'm trying to be a jerk. Why is it that search and rescue atv need all the lights and sirens? I understand they are being used for emergency work but are there so many people out on the trail that you need lights to get people out of the way? Or is it so you can maybe get a lost person's attention? Or is it we do it because we can kind of thing?
@cgcgundersen: We/I use it more than just in the woods. It helps with visibility in woods if other members need to locate you. We also use it near busy roadways. And when we do have to travel down roadways most agencies like us to have that kind of visibility.
@offroaddriving16 yeah you can get it off most emergency equipment sites, like sirennet.com. its nice siren! and i really like you bike! a very ample amount of worning, but NOT overkill. stay safe bro
nice 850...i have one just like it. i was wondering where u got the LED's for the tail lights. im looking everywhere and i found some but they dont come in a kit. was yours a kit?
i am the lt. of another sar company and we have ours lit up to get the lost party's attention and because we are frequently using in on the roadways during events and emergencies.
@crazyhobo113 All material was bought through West Chatham. You can go to their website for material. It cost about 1200.00 for material and installation.
@joe23da The lights are all Whelen lights. West Chatham installed them. But you can find them at different suppliers. Whelen.com Sirennet.com
@broctopgun The siren was part of the install package that I had a company do. But if I'm not mistaken, it is made by Whelen.
nice job. :) i puted 2 STL lightbars on my 850 for snow plowing or when behind a slow moveing tractor.
I want one. My departments on the beach. It would be great to get around!
@offroaddriving16 How much did all of the lights and installation cost?
the tail light looks like its haveing sex "o"
were did you get the siren from?
THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Where did u get the siren?

CTK brass catcher unboxing & use

Click the "CC" button to turn on captions & subtitles) Even a bolt rimfire tosses a lot of brass. And it can be a pain to police your brass when you're 50+ years old.

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Just a question, What is the Fram filter for?
+cornbread1970 I use it to clean my barrels ... but there is a controversy behind it. See this video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UqjCL9dC_s
I would just make one out of a metal coat hanger and a small net
+Sean 270wn I tried that and it worked but I eventually just laid an old bed sheet on the ground.Simple is better.

CCI "Quiet-22" @ 40 yards, suppressed vs. non-suppressed

Did you add the video to its relevant playlist(s)? (Click the "CC" button to turn on captions & subtitles) There was 23 minutes of film left on the camera ... so here's ...

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that would not be legal for hunting in sweden
nobody cares
Would appreciate a side-by-side trajectory and decibel comparison of the CCI "Quiet" segmented hollow point, and the Remington CBees. As far as I can tell the CBees were just as quiet from a Savage bolt action rifle, but were giving me a much flatter trajectory. Then I ran out of CBees and am still waiting for them to come back into stock.
+nebraskanativevideo Getting the CBees will prove my hardest problem, too. A decibel meter, on the other hand, is relatively cheap and I can find plenty of brands out there. Stay tuned, because I'm about to do the unboxings for a new series on "ammo precision tests." Instead of testing rifles for accuracy, we're going to test ammo for precision -- using brand-new rifles purchased just for these tests. I'd definitely want to do standard tests on the precision of CBees in a number of dedicated rifles...
I like the Quite 22lr. As long as you dot need more distance.
+Dom C +1 to that, Dom. Honestly, I went into these tests thinking I wouldn't be impressed by a 45 ft-lb bullet. I'm happy to say I was wrong!

Quad Flight 1/2015 Ashwood SC

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Your gimble makes a big difference in video quality.

Richland Fashion Mall - Dead Mall - Columbia - South Carolina

Welcome To My Second Channel Where You Would Find Awesome Exclusive Videos Of The Mall I Went To Film Their Elevators And Escalators. Here Is An ...

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it doesn't look so bad, it's just empty. I heard s + s cafe or picadellys is closing, i saw it on the news. I like that mall it's more closer than dutch square, columbia, columbiana + sandhill although they r nice, it juss so happens that MAFA is closer, and i like richland fashion mall the name sounds better than Midtown at forest acres but anyways
From info in the State Newspaper.The mall is now named Midtown at Forest Acres. It has been bought by someone new and will be renamed to the original Richland Mall. Big stores are being recruited to try to turn the mall around. Hope it works!!! They have a lot to do, since the mall looks so bad now, and they have to compete with Columbiana Center.
@irwinw2010 i know i love that mall so much, all of my childhood memories. I've heard from someone at my school claims that wal mart is going to build a wal mart in replace of richland mall. not sure if it's true or not.
@gotthkid2 I know what emo is but if did you mean are their emos in the mall ? if so then I don't see any in the mall when I'm there.
@ColumbiaMovieMedia probolybecuz its down south in the bible belt...............the south is to old fashioned
@ColumbiaMovieMedia are their emos in the malls of south carolina?
@ColumbiaMovieMedia um o u dont know what emo is? nevermind then
@gotthkid2 what do you mean by that ?
so sad that it is dead.

2014 Ram 1500 Augusta, GA, Grovetown, GA, Harlem, GA

2016 Kia Sedona Charleston SC Summerville, SC #SD12187

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