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Crime in seville spain Videos

American Woman Found Running NAKED in Spain after Allegedly Stabbing Baby Daughter

American woman found running naked in Spain after allegedly stabbing baby daughter An American woman found walking down a street in Spain completely ...

Woman Who 'Stabbed Her Own Baby' Found Wandering NAKED Through Streets Shouting 'Jesus' [VIDEO]

Woman who 'stabbed her own baby' found wandering naked through streets shouting 'Jesus' An American woman found walking down a street in Spain ...

Spain's Princess Cristina Testifies In Corruption Case

The Spanish princess appeared in court Saturday as part of a criminal investigation. Princess Cristina isn't being charged with a crime right now.

Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Ministro del Interior de España

SEVILLE, Spain - Law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials from around the world are gathering at an INTERPOL meeting to exchange information linked ...

Unit 7 Official Trailer HD

In the gritty thriller UNIT 7 (Grupo 7 ), a group of renegade cops decides to take the law into their own hands. The drug problem in Seville, Spain is spiraling out ...

Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween Collection

Join Alvin and his brothers Simon and Theodore for this hilarious Halloween adventure. In this collection which includes "Trick or Treason," "Babysitter Fright ...

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As if that will literally ever happen by the way it's Ruby not Beverly Beverly is my daddy's littl sis
yeah but alvin will always disagree
Is there a website where I can watch all the episodes?
I don't know

Wednesdays Child Trailer - gun crime in a teenage bully society

See the devastating effects that guns can have in a teenage community. Guns destroy families. This new film will be shown at schools all over the UK later this ...

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Well folks when I was a teenager(And that was 12 years ago:)at school in year 10,gun crime was virtually non-existent,amongst 'young people'.The only guns kids talked about were pellet guns for target shooting.In 1990& many years before there were more guns legally available,than now and less crime.This I believe is to do with better parenting back then,discipline,less money,less drugs& no anti-social social idiots like the so solid crew.Will Smith&Haddoway,sung friendly tunes,in the mainstream.
This "guns destroy families" lark is getting tedious. A gun will only destroy what the person holding it chooses to fire it at. To be fired, one first has to have the desire and the motivation to use one. That motivation can be either good or evil, depending on the circumstances. Showing the bully(?) as a "victim" makes the message even more objectionable.
u kno this i lyk the onl times yall gonna see scarlt wid a black eye lyk cos on a reg ting scarlet and her boys (me and A.G and anderson being some of them......my point precisly) wont take None of dat FOOLISHNESS ya understand lol congratulate every1 involved in this, it looks real good. cnt wait to see it love ya star xx
well where i grew up everyone had guns and it caused no trouble at all. myparents were competition shooters and i had my first gun when i was 12. shooting sports and self defense with guns have been part of my life since i was a child and caused no problems. so i know guns do not have devastating effects.
You have missed the whole point of the film and you having a user name such as 'guncriminal' symbolises that you haven't got the inteligence to understand a meaningful film at all
The film premiered last night to a packed cinema - wow! it was so well received. many of the audience were in tears... tell your school to buy the DVD now !
i am so annoyed, it is showing in my forms PSHEE lesson tomorrow but i miss it cos i have to do something for another form :( but i know the boy at 0:14 :)
Looks very engaging, want to watch it now + I love Berretta 9mm Screen it at Acton Trades Union Club? :-)
where can i watch the full version. in PSHCE we only got up to the bit where she pulled the trigger.
the girls are in ma school wop woop well done guys looks gr8 cant w8 to see the full movie
you can only see it through the school, sorry
the boy at 0:14 is my best friend

The Time Flies - Crime In The City 022291

Top 10 Historical Unsolved Mysteries

Top 10 Historical Unsolved Mysteries Since the world began, we have been surrounded by mysteries. Some are solved by science, but others remain ...

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The Jews would have stolen all the gold. Scum rats
I'm not anti-semitic....I just fuckin hate Jews, especially the Geopolitical Zionists. Arabs are cool, and they are ALSO Semites.
+The Bipolar Bear you'd probably would love the comments section on some of our Hitler bashing videos.
Hey! wanna get thousands of subscriber on YouTube but dont wanna have to spend a lot of money on equipment. Start a "top 10" channel, it is guaranteed to get you subscribers fast!
+Jay Morgan I don't think what I commented maked me smart I just said I am smart, but just because you know about some plane doesn't make you smarter than me at all. And by the way learn difference between a apostrophe and quotation mark.
If thats what you think defines you as smart, you are dumb as a rock! Also Concorde was an amazing plane, a very smart plane, alot smarter than you, so just by me watching that, that makes me smarter than you too. Amazing how this 'smart' stuff works eh!
+Jay Morgan says the guy who watched concorde from the pit, to landing... btw not a nerd just smart.
The WOW signal is now thought to be a disruption by the microwave they had there in the lab and not in fact from outer space.
+KOTundZerstoerung You mux up two stories. The "microwave signal" appeared every day, and was extremely brief (in milliseconds range). The WOW was unique, and laster more for AT LEAST 72 seconds (the antenne couldn't capture more because of its rotation) and WAS located in outer space. It may have been a signal from some natural phenomenon in space, but which natural phenomenon occurs only once to never appear again?
Got to love the way top tens blocks comments on certain videos.
+nofrackingzone sorry, but sometimes people can say horrible things that no one should have read. When conversations become racist, hate speech and take more time to monitor and that takes away from our time to write and produce videos, we block comments. We are trying to keep this a family friendly channel.
If you're supposed to disappear when you go to the Bermuda Triangle, how do they know that no remains of the ship or bodies are in the triangle?
not everyone who passes the bemuda triangle disappears, however there has been a substantial amount of cases recorded which show that people, boats and planes have vanished, only to have no remains found, therefore have sunk
Hitler's gold would have been stolen by Nazis, Americans, Soviets and everybody else that came across it.
+David GladFor international trade, they frequently used forged American and British currency.... This way they could keep most of their stolen gold and also use it as a weapon to debase American and British currency.They also often used "degenerate" art in international trade, because it still had value but only to foreigners, as it was banned within Germany.In fact, the American and British secret services were all over this, and were able to track ALL the Nazi spies through forged currency.
+dangerouslytalented Actually the simplest explanation is it was used to fund Germany's war effort. They also traded heavily with neutral countries, which is a better idea than having conquered countries manufacture your weapons/ammo if you expect them to work properly..Anything that is still hidden is likely to be not even a fraction of what people think still exists. Is however funny to think in a couple centuries someone might find a horde and have no idea where it came from.. or if it somehow by then is deemed worthless.
Very interesting, but please type grandmother in Google translate (to russian ) and play the audio to hear how babushka is actually pronounced ) the stress is on the 'a' not 'u'
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