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1963 corvette poster Videos

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Powerglide Overhaul Part 1, Catching Up, Thanking Fellow Posters, and a Vlog!

A little talk of things going on in the world of old cars where I am involved, and a few words for kind fellow You Tube folks that have been regular haunts around ...

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Glad to see you still cranking out videos!!
+JBrunsonJr Kicking and screaming all the way too. No other way Jack! Good to hear from you. There will be more clips coming along as things unravel!
Nice Impala! Gotta love 100% original cars whether they're restored or not! -The Eurobandit
+Otto R Thank you. The car is super sweet (SS!) to drive as well too. Having the car totally original, even with the period music coming from the factory AM/FM radio, simply brings you back to a time when many things were changing in the world. Bit by bit the process of bringing the car back to as original as can be is happening. T-3 headlights are going in pretty soon as well.
(Another) great video as always buddy! That Impala is a very beautiful car. I'm glad to see somebody else want to go all out original. It's just something about old classic cars that make me want to drive one with the window down on a warm sunny day haha. 
Yes sir! It really is. I do like older classic cars, but for some reason I've always liked the 90's-2010 cars. The brand new ones now look like something from space. Have you seen the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban? It looks too "futurfied" for me. I really like the late 90's- 2005 suburban best. We had a 99 suburban. That thing was a beast. But my mom drove it in 4Lo. She said "the little guage thingy was all the way past 6, and it sounded really loud. It got sluggish so I pushed to to the floor." She roasted all main bearings and 7 out of 8 Rods. I don't wanna be rude, but I will say, who in the world doesn't pay attention that bad?? Haha. Anyways, you've done a great job on that car. Good luck on the transmission!
+Chevymalibuls Thank you so much! The car is a touch of class, really it is. We are really in the camp of keeping them as original as possible, with any upgrades being well hidden in the case of the ones that are used long distance, such as the '64 white Pontiac, or the green one, or my '72 Vista Cruiser, which, in all honesty, has really been upgraded out of sight. That car is due for a feature in a clip this spring. Yes, as the group WAR sang so many years ago in a song called 'Summer': "Riding 'round town with all the windows down, 8-track playing all your favorite sounds...." Look it up. Nothing like this playing while driving an old car!
Transmission adventures :-) soon, we'll be all back out there enjoing our classic cars :-)
+spikedpunk Wow, many transmissions! I was lucky with my transmission leak,, a new torque converter seal fixed it. I replaced the converter as well under warranty.. just to be sure..  rather not keep pullin out the transmission.. even tho I'm well practised now.. lol  The snow better be gone by june, never know.. up muskoka there has been snow in june still not melted back in the bush. Maybe this this year you will be able to make it up the the gravenhurst car show.. second week of June.
+462ANIMAL Yes indeed, this is the first of a few on deck. Then there is a Turbo 350, then fitting of a 700-R4 and doing mods on it as needed, and then opening up and fixing a 200-4R. That is it in just the transmission department! And a couple of long distance car shows, and family stuff. Yes we will be enjoying our classic cars, as soon as the stupid snowdrifts melt away. Maybe by June????! Thanks for stopping by. Tire chains are recommended tonight, and at this rate may be needed as standard issue going to classic car shows the way things are going!

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