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Atlanta falcons careers Videos

Madden 15 Connected Careers: Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints - Week 1

Madden 15 Connected Careers: Atlanta Falcons Franchise This episode is Week 1 of my Madden 15 Connected Careers vs the New Orleans Saints. Tune in ...

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Whaddup, new 2 your channel are u a Falcons fan?
+C23 GAMING Btw, i really enjoy your vids man. 
+Jordan X57 Yes indeed, I am
I feel like you aren't looking for the open receiver, you are just fixed on who might be open, on several plays you had a man wide open deep. Also, I don't know if you moved the kicking arrow down or not, but if you didn't you should have because Matt Bryant should have nailed that. Anyway, Falcons rise up!
+Jordan Dennany Good analysis and thanks for the comment.  You're right. I do have to tendency to have tunnel vision at times and lock in on who I expect to be open based on the pre snap read. 
the game vs the Saints was fixed 
+Franklin Clinton I kind of felt that way lol.. But I think i struggled more than I should have to be honest with you. Still knocking off the rust. Hopefully this tie doesn't come back to bite me in the end. 
lol at the end
+xpac101000 I was so irritated by it! I almost turned the game off! lol
Id suggest starting atone smith or devonta freeman
+Swag Is Life Yeah I will! Especially for formations with the HB screen.
nice man
+Nile Omar  I appreciate that Nile.  I'm glad you tuned in!

Madden 13: Buccaneers Connected Careers Franchise - Week 17 @ Atlanta Falcons

It is do or die for the Bucs in this Week 17 Division match-up, winner moves on to the playoffs!

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Hey Pronto, I've been watching your content for a while now and I run a channel of my own and I was just wondering if you wanted to play a game of Madden sometime. I've been wanting to do a new series on my channel and I just wanted to know if you'd be interested in participating.
Pronto you gotta look at the development trait when youre scouting, thats the most important thing in the game. It makes them get XP faster. A lot faster. But when youre scouting, scout awareness . Whoever has the highest awareness tends to have the better development trait.
did you know at the touchdown is only 6 points but you can do 1 or 2 extra points so you are saying it wrong:( but do more madden videos... PLEASEEE
if you change the cpu sliders you need to tune yours to cause you hit every single third and long which is very unlikely
don't get rid off Jackson and you hold on to the ball to long and miss wipe open guys and scramble in the pocket more
if you draft that rookie keep vincent jackson and dump benn or williams instead thumbs up so he can see this
The next postseason video is going out in a few minute. Offseason will be on Thursday because of finals
any chance you can get the next video on today or tomorrow? desperate to see the draft and free agency
at @9:18 baldwin was wide open i was like what are you doing until you threw it to jackson
Should be there but just not that high, I'll try to keep it up higher for next time
Your internet might be really slow, maybe try switching to a lower resolution
can you do a pro bowl on this game and of you can can you do one
I am doing a combination of Hurriicanes and Mine for next season
dont draft mask he has low awarness that makes you horrible
You should use mrhurriicanes sliders...they are realistic
what sliders do you play on? or is there a video on it?

Madden 25 Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills - Connected Careers Week 13

In Week 13 of my Madden 25 Connected Careers Franchise my Atlanta Falcons hit to road and travel up to Buffalo to EJ Manual and the Bills. Not really big ...

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Team atlanta all day !!! U drop back to far after the snap 
Im a bills fan I play allday with them and I live in cali
nice vid

Oakland Raiders CCM: S1:Week 6 @ Atlanta Falcons - Connected Careers [Episode 8]

WANT MORE RAIDERS?! Leave a LIKE and comment :D Follow me on the Social Networks to see ALL my new videos and livestreams!

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If you don't know Hurriicane(which you probably already know),in the draft, development is a big stat. I have a WR that has elite stats, but his development is slow, so he gets like no XP in the game.
When I start a franchise I like to simulate most of the first season so that I can start making changes to the team as soon as possible. Otherwise the first season is always the most boring.
Definitely want more Oakland Raiders. I'm still catching up on your Vikings franchise and I would love to see this CCM get as far or further than that one.
i do the same thing i kind of wanted him to put backups as starters for first season so he can get a good draft pick and get good players in fa
I have DMC in my franchise, he will fumble OFTEN lol. What sliders do you use because I use blue ninja and I never lose or have a challenge
The Infinity engine is quite hilarious during one part: after the play is done and everyone trips over each other.
this is the only thing i watch of you and the Redskin CC just being truthful but ily and i like every vid
@MrHurriicane big fan but can you upload raiders franchise? You seem to upload Vikings franchise more
Dude I'm staying up all night watching this series, its 2:30 wow. Love the series keep it coming!
Yea man bring these more, and leinert sucks ass and disappointed me in Arizona, BUST
Couldn't stop Turner in a phone booth, but this has to be my fav series great vid.
hey hurricane i recommend you change sliders a little hope you can see this
Yes, please keep this series going so we can see how you develop your team.
Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! U can tell why I am screaming nooooo!!
what are your sliders for field goals message me at laroto1 on youtube
keep going with raiders. It gets even better the more seasons you do

Madden 13 - Connected Careers - Bo Jackson is Back Ep. 10 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Bo Jack is back, episode 10 as the Raiders visit Hotlanta Release Order...We'll get back to the schedule once I catch up. There are no sports video game ...

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EA needs to have running animations of all these legends... Graphically, it looks nothing like Bo Jackson.. Madden 25 must be much more believable this year.
Why are they calling it madden 25 it's not 2025
Loving these videos
good stuff man
more dynasty

Madden 15 Connected Careers: Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals - Week 2

Madden 15 Connected Careers: Atlanta Falcons Franchise This episode is Week 2 of my Madden 15 Connected Careers vs the Cincinnati Bengals. Tune in ...

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Message me sp1cy_1mm1grant on ps4 for a wager game
im on xb1

Madden 25 | Geno Smith Player Career - S1W5 @ Atlanta Falcons

Don't forget to give this video a "like" ;D Twitter: //twitter.com/#!/blinkFRO Facebook: //www.facebook.com/blinkFRO.

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a few tips for you : 1) play action wont work very well if you dont run the ball enough or well enough 2) on every single out-route pass the ball when the receiver makes the cut 3) that one play with the four verticals where one of them starts of as a slant, watch that one, you can sometimes lob of the defender (try to buy some time) 4) curls work when the cornerback are not in the press coverage, when the WR makes the cut back pass maybe a split second earlier
You are dropping back way to far. It is making it harder for you line to block for you. And it is forcing you to throw much deeper/more difficult passes.
you have to stop dropping back so far because it wont be as easy for your offensive line to defend you and if you get sacked you lose like 10 yards
Run a lot of hurry up offense ..... It seems to work for u. And don't drop back a lot when u look to pass. Maybe try adjusting sliders ...
Blink fro can you cut down videos to a smaller size and/or do post narrations. I think that will make the series more entertaining.
your throwing the ball well as you can with Geno anyway...the jets are terrible man. haaaaaa just being honest.
Dude adjust the sliders no receiving core drops THAT MANY PASSES. NOT EVEN THE BROWNS.
the scrambling plays are happening too much, step up in the pocket and make good reads
love the optimism near the end of the game, made me believe you were going to win!
You know by the time your rookie contract is up Houston might need a new QB xD
Someone should count how many times he's says butterfingers in the series LOL
and YO! that OLine????!!! not even trying haaaaaa @ Madden trolling you.
"Clyde Gates is the only one I can trust.... and... he... dies....
Please up the RB Ability on the user AI, it's too unrealistic.
You can't blame kerley for the pick you threw the ball

NFL Madden 15 Xbox 360 Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons Career Mode

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That's not Atlanta

Madden 25 Matty Ice vs Drew Brees: Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints - Connected Careers Week 12

Tune in to Week 12 of my Madden 25 Connected Careers Franchise and watch two of the best quarterbacks (Matty "Ice" Ryan and Drew Brees) in the NFL go ...

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To much man coverage run zone you see he keep getting a free release and stop pressing so much. 
I really need Matty Ice to do well against the Saints. Liked and retweeted =)
I know this is college but the Florida gators I hate them .GO DAWGS!!!!!!!
good game for roddy 7 rec 240 yards
I hope you don't have it on all pro
Ur so fuckin stupid
Saints my team man
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