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Romantic Period Power Point

This is a powerpoint I did for an assignment in college. It has some cool effects for powerpoint. I hopw you like it. It could make a good emergency lesson plan in ...

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This is nicely done. How did you get the power point onto a video? What video editing program did you use? Not movie maker I assume. All Ive been able to do is the general slide images without the animation. I AM IMPRESSED! - thanks for sharing
wow thank you so much for ur vid... this helps alot!! We have a quiz on that on class and i dont have notes , thanks to your vid , I now understand it tyvm
Brilliant vid mate, cheers from Australia. If it's no trouble, what music is playing at 1:46 - 2:00? Like... title, opus/catologue no.?
@caidenjohnsonpoetry It is Der Erlkonig, or The Erlking by Franz Schubert.
thanks person, this helped me a lot on my own presentation
Can you share speaking part of this video??? plzz
how did you get the sound like that w/ the voice
Like it!..very.....romantic! hoo ha

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making a good powerpoint presentation

just for sharing information...

Take home exam PowerPoint

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