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Amnesty not enough for Swiss arms owners.Canadian gun owners outraged!

Amnesty not enough for Swiss arms owners.Canadian gun owners outraged! Firearms Petition. //www.nominaterobanders.com/firearms_petition contact the ...

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I can tell you are pissed off. So am I. This firearm is an expensive rifle in the hands of firearms collectors and real enthusiasts. This specific rifle has never been used in a criminal action in Canada. These firearms belong in the hands of thier rightful owners. They are property purchased legally and classified as non-restricted (rifle) or restricted (carbine, shorter barrel) at the time of purchase. There is a larger agenda operating here. 
I wonder how this debate is doing... nfa and cssa aren't updating the public any more.. maybe that's good. I do know that they are both kicking ass in Ottawa talking to allot of mp's and trying to get c-68 repealed. Il keep sending those letter's. Gotta sign up to the nfa too. 
+notregme people from the states will give you moral support as well :)
yip ass kickings for all .lol
I mean if we fear the force they may use and our guns keep that at bay but yet they keep building up more force even through petty law then we should kick there ass before they have more than us!!!! Fight fire with fire AKA fight force with force!!! I'm a USA born guy but man I always liked Canada well never been there but I always thought y'all are cool too nice of a people to be stepped on! So I don't want to sound like a bad guy I just feel even here in the states that thease jerks are well steppen on our well nuts and they are doing by force well I don't like that!!! People of the world unite or at least people of Canada and the USA unite and just say no to bullshit and terror! We are people of the world first people of our countrys second and people under those governments third!!!!! I'm sorry if I come off a bit strong I don't mean to frighten but I hate typing everything sounds worse than it is!!!!
Write letters to everyone. 
Don't let them take away your rights to own guns when they changed the laws here in Australia they made it so hard most don't bother and that's what they want, to have a D cat license which allows you to own a semi auto you virtually need permission from God and that's written not verbal. cheers mike

Samedi 06.10.2012 Manifestation à Zürich contre la Francophonie du sang

Samedi 6.10.2012 - Grande manifestation à Zürich contre la Francophonie du sang à Kinshasa.

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Canada Ranks 12th in the World for Retirement Security

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