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Savannah restaurants pdx Videos

Vlog Pdx mini-sode 1: Portland Guide To Getting A Job 2010

Find the right job in Portland. Music by Pdx Courtesy of Facemelt Recordings.

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There are no jobs in Portland. Funny video anyway. Thanks for posting this of how bad the economy is here. No one cares at the Employment office and all Goodwill tells you is that "We cannot help you" and there is nothing we can do for you. None of the agencies give a damn about your situation and you are nothing but a number in the unemployment world. I will never ever give a dime to goodwill again after talking to that woman today and asking her a simple question and her being rude and mean.
Fucking Awesome!!!!!

Brew Cycle Portland

Bruce's Candy Kitchen

Chloe Houser, from FOX 12 Oregon and PDX TV in Portland Oregon, takes a trip to Cannon Beach to learn how a famous coastal candy maker creates their ...


all i can think of when i think of this trip is how i sat in the car for the majority of it... seriously, my butt was flat before and now its even flatter from sitting down too ...

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keep up you're amazing videos and you'll go so far+ keep smiling beautiful
+Brittany Keise thanks so much! you made my morning :') please keep smiling too :3
I love this video thx so much 

Blues Festival 2010 - JJ Grey & Mofro - "War" Song 5

Get their latest CD "Georgia Warhorse" at their website - //jjgrey.com/ - This was recorded in Portland, Oregon, Live at: - The Safeway Waterfront Blues ...

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why not just upload the whole set at once?
This dude is the real thing.

Peter Piper Pizza!!! :D

Me & Savannah @ Peter Piper 4 our cheer banquet thingy. :) hehehe we're in a helicopter spinny thingy on the playground!! :D.

Blues Fest 2010 - JJ Grey and Mofro - ON Fire

The Band is "JJ Grey and Mofro" Get their latest CD "Georgia Warhorse" at their website - //jjgrey.com/ - This video clip was recorded Live at: - The Safeway ...

Saburo's Sushi - Portland Oregon

Having dinner with the girls from Two_excited at Saburo's Sushi in Portland, oregon. Please visit their facebook page ...

Anonymous | Safe Winter Engaged

How to help Anonymous? SUBSCRIBE NOW TO THIS PAID CHANNEL AND SUPPORT US. It's is surprisingly easy to help Anonymous. And there's a lot of ...

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facebook blocked the share so all you have to do is copy and paste the url in your status update
What's the song called?
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