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Space museum miami fl Videos

"PAMM: In Perspective" by Robin Hill Photography in collaboration with Chris Correa

"PAMM: In Perspective" is a project by Robin Hill Photography in collaboration with Chris Correa. Featuring interviews with Terence Riley and PAMM Chief ...

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Miami - Florida - USA Attractions, Tourism and Vacation

World Travel https://www.youtube.com/user/World1Tube Miami - Florida - USA Travel Guide //bit.ly/17tEOUj Miami - Florida - USA Attractions, Tourism and ...

NASA Switcher Shipped to Gold Coast Railroad Museum - 03.12.2014

Here's the Flickr album for this train catch. //www.flickr.com/photos/brickbuilder711/sets/72157642281223353/with/13119195793/ Nothing can be more ...

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Been there a lot of times, But got to say, your catch is the best Ive seen at oleander so far! :) Quick question, you dont happen to remember what prop plane took of at 6:34, cause havent heard of any props visiting miami in a while.
Sounds like that could be it. Thanks for the info. :)
Might be ATR-72s American Eagle (now Envoy) or the Dash-8 from Bahamasair.

Space Museum - Titusville, Florida - REAL USA Ep. 39

Welcome to Episode 39 of the REAL United States Video Blog (Vlog) about average life in the United States. Bev and I visit the US Space Walk of Fame Museum ...

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It is our pleasure, and thank you for joining us! I was talking about you to a dear friend of mine just a few days ago. Her grandparents are from Poland and she so very much would like to be able to go there. She asked me what it was like, and I told her I don't know, but I know someone there who does! :-) And I told her how warm and nice the people of Poland have been to us! I wish all of our viewers could meet each other, because everyone if so kind. Thank you! Paul
Thanks Munarong! Yes, I am proud of the part I had in the space program. It was a long time ago, but it still means a lot to me. The space program is becoming more global than in the past. One day there will be Thai astronauts. Perhaps there already have been, because honestly I don't know the nationality or heritage of every single astronaut that has flown. There are a lot of them now. I've only met a few of them. Thanks for watching!! Paul
You're welcome! Thank you for joining us. I need to update my passport so I can come to Canada again. Didn't used to need one. :-) Always enjoyed myself in Canada. And by the way, Canadians have as I understand it flown on eight US space shuttle missions, and fifteen times on Russian rockets. Just want everyone to know, Canada has a space program to!! Thanks for watching!
Ah, well, yes the return to the moon will likely be a join effort. I know I misspoke myself in the video, but I also corrected myself. The USSR ceased to exist 22 years ago. :-) That is the inherent problem of working without a script. LOL. Someday people will return to the moon though. Thanks for watching and for commenting. Paul
Grazie Eusepio! We are nearly the same age, and I remember the excitement of those days as well. Bev and I are looking forward to humans returning to the moon. It has been too long! I personally think that Bev deserves the honor of being the first Woman to walk on the moon, but I am biased. :-) Paul
Thank you! It turned out better than I thought it was going to. There isn't much extra room in there, and getting some of the shots turned out to be more challenging than we had anticipated. But lots of cool things in such a small museum. Thank you for watching and for commenting!! Paul
Even we were surprised to find those! There are very rare, at least here. We have great respect for Colonel Gagarin and Rear Admiral Alan Shepard. So glad you liked this, and that you were the first to comment! Thanks for watching and please tell Mr. Pichugin hello for us!
fantastico!!! impressions and a little nostalgia I remember as a kid, I sat in front of the television apparatus and have only the astonished suddenly earthlings walk on the moon thank you, Paul & Bev for this tour Greetings :-)
Thank you so much! We are glad you liked it. I have not been to Turkey, but I have a friend who has and tells me it is a very nice and interesting country. We are so glad to have you join us. Thanks for watching! Paul
Thank PEET! So glad you liked this. It is probably the smallest museum I have ever been in, but it still has a lot of interesting things to see. Thanks for watching and for commenting! Paul
hahahaha :-) yes why not? but when Bev flies to the moon, who goes on recording those beautiful videos? no, no Bev remaining on earth here! ;-) Herzliche Grüße an Euch zwei
Thank you Stephen! I know it is a very small museum, but many of the things in there have personal meaning to me. Thanks for watching and coming along with us! :-) Paul
Good tour, thanks for the video Paul. I wish our country would have space program like yours. You must very proud to have been a part of space program team. Kudos!
the space prgram was always my great intrest. maybe between the US and USSR we can find a way back to the moon.
:-) :-) :-) and who is talk so detailed and Commented the videos?
Super video, very interesting. Thanks for sharing that with us.
I loved that Soviet Union Posters! :) Thanks for shout out! :)
Cool video i love america, greetings from turkey
thanks for the tour. greetings from Canada
Thanks for taking us all along with you.
I send the camera with her! :-)
great video!
Cool! ^^

WAVES: Nexus Re-Morph (Kingdom x Dawn Richard x Kyselina™)

As part of WAVES, multi-platinum recording artist Dawn Richard stars in Nexus Re-Morph, a performance described as “the soul of R&B distorted in space-time, ...

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awesome visual artistic n audio feast! dawn really deserves more attention! shes not afraid to throw herself out there n shes slaying all of dem cheap fakes
I loveeeee you so muccchhhh keep making music like this
Will the song she sings first be released? "Water"
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