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Paris attractions may 2015 Videos

VLOG 8 | Virtuel-Réel avec Sarah à DisneyLand Paris

(déroule) Collab All Changes : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr8s0geHsSJmfQDJoytyDYA J'ai crée un snapchat pour vous : PrettyBeautytb...

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Vous avez quelle âge ? Pcq je voulais savoir si c'était possible d'aller a l'hotel ayant moins de 18ans ☺️
Non ils doit y avoir quelqu'un de majeur! Mon frère était là :)
Mais disney c'est pas a Paris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oui c'est marne la valée
Coucou, Super vlog, sa ne t'a pas fait bizard de rencontrer ton amis virtuel? moi j'aimerais trop. ;) ♥
Je répond assez (même très très ) tard et peut être que tu a rencontré ton ami(e) virtuelle mais si C est le contraire sache que c'est magique on est un peu timide au début mais c'est super
+Pauline V Non, j'étais très timide au début et encore à la fin mais c'est tellement magique <3

Attractions 2015 du parc Bagatelle

Cette vidéo vous montre toutes les attractions 2015 du par Bagatelle ( qui se situe à Merlimont entre Berk sur mer et Le touquet paris plage dans le nord pas de ...

(EXTREME Low Light) Pirates of the Caribbean Full Ride 2015 - Disneyland

[ASTONISHING LOW LIGHT Quality] - Full POV Pirates of the Caribbean Ride-through 2015 at Disneyland during Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond ...

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Ive only been on the Florida and California rides so I don't know about what the other parks on the other side of the world might have, but IMHO, Disney Land in California has the best POTC ride and possibly my favorite Disney ride out of both parks! Loved the ride in Florida but the original version here blows it out of the water (no pun intended). The whole Bayou setting and the double drop and the ride through the cursed pirate hideout makes it superior to the Florida version that came later.
+guardian08527 - I agree with your assessment of Disneyland vs. Disney World Pirates. Although, Florida has a better "queue", the ride itself looks like rooms with various tableaus-- wherein Disneyland looks like a "world". On the most part, I have been dismayed with Disney's departures from Walt's original concept, and the story has been lost (ie Where's Jack vs. Where's the treasure). They should have just updated the animatronics and left the "look" alone. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first movie, but keep it in the theaters.
too many Mexicans and asians at Disneyland, maybe make a shitty one for them
+Ken Faverty Dude, I'm white and no. I love seeing different people at Disneyland.
+Whatjamagijji SLAY!
+Ken Faverty That's probably because they can pay for the tickets, unlike white, jobless rednecks.
+Ken Faverty Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the false impression that this was a free country where people can exist regardless of race, religion, or other arbitrary restrictions. As for the Disneyland issue, there are two Disneyland-like parks in the Asia area, with a third under construction. As for the Latinos... your argument is just stupid.
Idiots in the other boat sticking their fingers in the water
what happens when they lose the license to Johnny depps face?
+Brian Krosnick Actually they do have contracts for using real life resemblences- That's why Giselle from Enchanted was considered to be added as a Disney princess, but they didn't want to pay royalties to Amy Adams for any merchandise made in her likeness- they may have come to better agreements with Johnny Depp.Also you mention Peter Pan and Disney actually has to ask permission whenever they use that IP because they don't own the original story. The original author of the story donated it to an orphanage so they make money off of the royalties and Disney made a contract with them. Its a similar story for other Disney stories based on books not yet in public domain like Tarzan- supposedly the Deep Jungle Tarzan level didn't appear in the 3DS version of Kingdom Hearts because the contract they had exspired and thy couldn't make any new content using that IP, but they may have settled that issue with the author's surviving family.
+bezoticallyyours83 Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney movie... That's like asking what they'll do when they "lose the license to Peter Pan." They won't. It's their movie... No contract necessary.
They probably have a non-ending contract.
I've never ridden this ride but are all the pirates/people animatronics?
But wdw goes into the pirates faster 
This ride is more immersive though

[FR] Publicité originale de Space Mountain (1995)

Publicité d'époque de l'attraction Space Mountain, De la Terre à la Lune ouverte au public le 1er juin 1995.

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Attention, il y a une coquille dans votre titre: "Space Mountain" et non Moutain. Une erreur légendaire, les collectionneurs de pin's en savent quelque chose (Big Thunder "Moutain")!
Génial ! ça serait tellement génial d'avoir les autres pub ! :D
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