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Vegetarian brittany france Videos

Vegan Strawberries with Bananas French Crepe

Alicia Silverstone talking about being a vegan

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Whatever One Does To Another - WE Do To Ourselves: Lethal Algal (Algae) Bloom

Lethal Algal (Algae) Blooms creating "dead zones" grows in Brittany, France killing nonhuman and human animals because we human animals continue to ...

BVYM French Holidays !968, 1970 & 1972

BVYM = British Vegetarian Youth Movement. (Later amalgamated with the Vegetarian Society UK) These are three of the many holidays that Young vegetarians ...

Shocking demo in Israel: activists got branded by hot steel - 269life

On October 2nd 2012, world farm animals day, three animal liberation activists in Israel got branded with a hot steel brand, in the same way farm animals are ...

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While I do agree that factory farming methods tend to be barbaric and should evolve, the misguided belief that omitting meat from the human diet will save the planet makes me see veganism less as a lifestyle and more as a cult of self-hating humans.
+David “D.K.” Arruda A report released by the United Nations states that animal agriculture releases more green house gasses than the entire transportation sector combined (planes, cars, trains, boats, etc.). It also puts Animal agriculture cuts down approx one acre of amazon forest every second. I repeat that stat, every SECOND. That is making it the leading cause of deforestation and along with it, species extinction. Then if you do some more digging instead of putting your ignorant nose where it doesn't belong, you'd learn that it is, from the seven MILLION pounds of excrement produced every minute in the United States alone, that it is the leading cause of ocean deadzones which is currently leading scientists to believe that our oceans will be completely empty by the year 2048. Now, I'm not sure if you know much about ecosystems but I'm assuming you don't, we NEED the oceans to survive to continue life and existence on land. This can all be found with quick google searches. So don't go pointing fingers and calling names while continuing to remain uneducated. Thanks.
Linking Beavis and Butthead to this? Lame.
+Xhyanghwa Chai In my best Butthead impersonation Check it out Beavis; these trust fund hippies are dumbasses.
There is really no good reason not to go vegan. it's better for health of humans, the planet, and animals. The only excuse is being lazy or unaware. Aside from a few tribal groups and people experimenting with other lifestyles. Veganism is a much better way to feed the masses.
+David “D.K.” Arruda Tell that to the 20 thousand years of human history being able to prove that the food of the world were cooked starches besides those living in extreme climates. Maize (corn) in what we know now as North/South America, potatoes in Europe, rice in Asia, and wheat and barley in Africa. Dr John A Mcdougall is great for history lessons, as well as teaching about overall health destruction caused by animal protein such as breast, colon, prostate and leukemia cancers. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn focuses mostly on animal protein and fats attributing to heart disease, and Dr Colin Campbell basically does it all and talks about cancer growth as a whole. Lol... "hippies" or world renowned doctors.. check yourself before your ignorance and stupidity overflows.
+blanklabel1234567890 History says that there isn't a good reason to go vegan at all. Veganism has not, nor will it ever sustain a civilization. What are people going to believe? Millennia of proven history and science or a bunch of trust fund hippies and other assorted self loathing humans trying to make people as miserable as they are?
+blanklabel1234567890 Way to get people into your cause, by insulting them. And we shouldn't be trying to save this planet, we should be looking for new ones to colonize. And we're bringing cows. For steaks. Fuck you.
dammit, heat the branders to red before using them, idiots
+eliot1970 JokeriPokeri17 really got the message of the video.
+JokeriPokeri17 LOL,, well ain't you just all at home an' all on the range. guess you dun seen yursef a fancy movin picture 'bout how it really does do get dun..
what about the palestineans?

How To Make Filling For Crepes - Delicious Vegetarian With Broccoli!

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Laura Vegan on vine - Fun w/ the twins!

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