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2009 audi a4 fuel economy canada Videos

2009 fuel efficiency test part 3

2009 fuel efficiency test part 3 from www.motormouth.ca.

2009 fuel efficiency test part 1

2009 fuel efficiency test part 1 from www.motormouth.ca.

2009 fuel efficiency test part 2

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So wind resistance and passenger weight don't exist in these tests, right? I'm no physicist (actually, I am!) but I'm pretty sure those will have a significant effect on fuel efficiency.

► 2012 Audi A4 Sedan [driving]

The A4 model series has a particularly broad engine lineup with 13 powerplants. All of them feature direct-fuel injection and, with the exception of the most ...

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This is the 2013, not the 2012...just look at the headlights
cvt i believe, it doesnt have quattro
is this the CVT or the tiptronic?
look at the date on the video
0:21 This is in Portugal
i like audi...

Dodge Grand Caravan 2009 Review Driver SF 2011

The latest and heavily revised Dodge Grand Caravan is riding the wave of heavily updated products coming out of the post-bankruptcy Chrysler - and should ...

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@007megamassah its called Driver: San Fransisco and the other question u ask about the graphic card i think yes but having a intergrated intel chip graphics card can play the game but on low settings but if u have a dedicated graphics card like Nvidia or Ati cards then u can play on medium to high settings if your Nvida or Ati card is up to date by downloading the updates and having a good graphics card
can anyone please tell me the name of this game.its so nice. does it needs a graphics card to play.
What video game is this I want to get it. What game systems do they have this game for?
@MilkChocoMarshmallow Driver: San Fransisco It says "Driver SF" in the title.
@selenaSMILEYgomez Driver: San Fransisco It says "Driver SF" in the title.
What cars do they have, do they only have one type of minivan?
In real life I don't think Caravans sound like Ferraris
great game what program did you use for record it?
Isnt this San francisco driver or something
@MilkChocoMarshmallow Xbox, PS3, Wii and PC.
driver San Francisco ps3,xbox and i think pc
Looks like Road Rash, only better.
The airbags didn't deploy hahaha
@SugarnJack Driver San Francisco
what gameis this plzzz tell me
i love this game seriously

GM Better aerodynamics boost fuel economy

SUBSCRIBE for daily car videos! //vid.io/xkQ GM Better aerodynamics boost fuel economy.

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2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE - for sale in Concord, CA 94520

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