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It appears that almost all the recent Liberal policies have one underlying piece of thinking: - Self-interest. Basically, if you're a young, or old liberal supporter, you'll be better off. Historically this has always been the case to some degree. Fiscal conservatism, the idea that the best way to help the poor is to help the rich first. The difference with the current administration, is that they're taking a version of this idea on crack. Tony Abbott is taking a set of policies, that he thinks have a 10 or 20 year outlook (right at the time where he and his mates will be retired, will need medical help, welfare etc), and jamming them all into a six-month time-frame. I suspect he knows he'll be a one-termer. So the strategy appears to be "Lock in all this sh*t NOW, so when the other guys get in, they won't be able to roll them back, and things will be that stuffed, that they'll spend the next 10 years repairing the mess". Unfortunately, this doesn't help anyone right now. All I can hope for is a double-dissolution. You know the country is in trouble when Clive Palmer starts looking like a decent alternative.
Sigh Just don't imagine what Clive Palmer would do if he had any more power than he already thinks he does.
I'm loving your points about the difficulty getting psychiatric referrals. Indeed, sometimes the only option is the "acute care" psychiatric ward. The staff there are amazing. It helps. You'll be given excellent treatment. Nurses are ANGELS and SAINTS. The trouble is getting *out* of there. You need referrals, sign-offs, a treatment plan, and to find a bulk-bill psychiatrist who will take you on. Then there's social workers visiting you, which is great, because Centrelink start hassling you as well. "Sorry, I couldn't come to my meeting. No, I'm in a psychatric ward. They won't let me out. No, I couldn't have phoned. There is no phone. What do you mean you're going to cut me off?" Even with some excellent social workers, it often takes a couple of weeks. Even if you're 100% healthy. During which time, you may have lost your job. Your realestate agent is pissed about your rent. Your houseplants are dead, and you're freaking out about your pets. I was very, very lucky. I had someone on the outside, visiting me every day, taking care of my "outside" life. I got out of there in eleven days, as the anti-psychotics worked quickly. That's stupidly fast. I was lucky to keep my job. Many of my "fellow captees" didn't. They were destined to stay in the "general" ward a very long time. One "normal" looking guy I met had been there six months. Because by that time, there wasn't anything left on the outside. Sometimes they'd had all their possessions taken, as they no longer had a house or a flat. The guy owned only donated clothes. And getting into temporary accommodation is pretty hard, especially if people think you're schizophrenic. All because some dickhead in Canberra wanted to save a few bucks to give to his fat mining friends.
A certain fat, mining friend, who happens to look like and remind us all of a character from Star Wars. And to add to that, probably makes that character look like a humanitarian.
I remember sitting in the disabled section on the bus also and i had people jeer at me and tell me i should be sitting somewhere else, i've also gotten flack from the bus driver, telling me that i need to show him my pension card when i asked for the pension bus fare, he said i was "young and lying" along with "rorting the system" and he wouldn't stand for it, then he asked me to get off the bus because i was lying. I then took out my pension card and my cane (for blindness) and told him, i just packed my cane so i wouldn't hold it in the bus... The look on his face, was unbelievable so were the looks on the other passengers faces. I hate how people think that just because you can't see a visible disability that you are most likely not disabled, or "rorting the system! 
Because people are stupid enough to think that medical conditions do not affect people under 40 unless they are visibly disabled. It's the same with arthritis. The general population thinks it's an "old persons" disease, because they're only familiar with osteoarthritis. No, there are about a hundred types. Osteoarthritis can affect young people too, prematurely, due to other conditons such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but most young people with arthritis have the inflammation without the destruction of cartilage, unless it is the destructive, Rheumatoid kind.Let's keep rorting the system because we're pretending to be disabled. YAY! >_>
Black and white policies don't serve the grey area that is disability. How many more will slip between the cracks with these new policies and who will care? Well done you two! 
Having spent a few years inthe 80s with chronic fatigue. I understand all too well.
Considering we are in the grey area of disability. We have able bodies, TO A POINT, but are not taken seriously enough because our problems are mostly invisible, like with a lot of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. There are MANY young and middle aged people like this. MANY. We need the support and awareness more than ever.Thanks for being one of those decent human beings, Ant!

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