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Locker room signs Videos


Edson Buddle comes over to a fan to sign a jersey after pregame warmups at the Home Depot Center on September 23rd 2010. The Galaxy would go on to lose ...

The new sign in the Panthers locker room has a fitting message

Logos. Intros: Creating Media Network Use Creative Commons images //creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ music ...

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner signs with WWE

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, ??Oct. 25, 2002??. Word spread quickly around the locker room today that Scott Steiner had signed with World Wrestling ...

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He should have been on Smack Down.
I believe so he'd probably would have been highly paid and still on TV.

Business Lessons from a Football Locker Room

Summary Below! Mp3/transcript of this episode: //www.melabraham.com/session050 Join Mel's FB Fans: https://www.facebook.com/melhabraham Tweet ...

Michigan State Spartans' Locker Room Sign Features Misspelling

Michigan State Spartans' Locker Room Sign Features Misspelling Michigan State Spartans' Locker Room Sign Features Misspelling.

NBA 76ers sign veteran forward Elton Brand - Breaking News HD

Looking to add some veteran leadership in the locker room, the NBA-worst Philadelphia 76ers have signed forward Elton Brand. Brand has played 16 seasons ...

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#eltonbrand #sixer #nba #basketball

NBA Free Agent | Paul Pierce agree to sign 3-years/$10M deal with Clippers

Washington Wizards lose a key figure in their locker room as veteran forward Paul Pierce has decided to reunite with his former coach Doc Rivers in Los ...

Worst People You'll Meet At The Gym - Gym Crimes

Old naked guys lurking in the locker room & dudes shadowboxing between every set. Curling in the Squat Rack & complete lack of Gym Etiquette. These are just ...

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Was doing my first ever set of sissy squats and muttering all manner of nasty curses at your channel for showing me this, when I heard the 'old man's balls' comment. Couldn't hold in the laugh, my hand slips off the bar and I hit the floor all twisted up like a crash test dummy, but laughing, crying and cussing all together. I could probably use to wear to a helmet if I'm gonna watch your vids while working out.
Why do you assume I was using my phone to watch the vids?
Stfu... It isn't possible to watch a video on your phone while squatting
Or the ones that go use the lat pulldown machine and never use it but use their phone the entire fucking time. That's why when i fail on a rep or my friends do no one laughs because they know that we aren't using our phones we are actually lifting like how the weight room is supposed to be.
definitely, and they hog the machine for such a long time texting,like what....
I'm glad I've got a home gym :-)
Lucky bastard!
The piece of shit who likes to use 3 different stations by himself, all the damn time... ...and he's still a fat piece of shit.
+truepersian405 Probably not doing enough sets or not high enough weight. Just getting "that cardio" even though the bike would be better.
The dude at my gym who showed up about two weeks ago and stands in front of everyone and does a set in front of the mirror regardless of who he just stood in front of, leaves and then returns for his next set once you think he's gone for good. Also the two newbies who occupy a bench press station to do db flyes when there's an open regular bench closer to the db's anyways.
+Achilles0006lol...I know the type of assholes who do that shit regularly... just wanna throw a db at them...
+Jonathan Rush the mirror thing is the worst. I'm like a mirror-magnet. as soon as I get onto a piece of equipment in front of the mirror, some dude has to get right in front of me. can't move 2 feet either side where he won't be in anybody's way. it's almost unbelievable...like Ashton Kutcher is gonna jump out and tell me I'm being "punked".
That guy who comes along while you're having intercourse with a lady friend and tickles your balls from behind
+Big Rhonda well sorry to tell you.....but both of you go on the list lol
+pullupbartender isn't just the worst?!?!
I know. Hate when people do it.
I am 12 years old and only weigh 77 pounds. I used to weigh 90 lbs but i lost it. I'm going from eating 800 Calories a day to 2500 a day trying to gain weight and put on muscle. I went on a huge cut to get abs but I don't have a lot of muscle. I only eat lean meats quinoa rice oats and all that stuff. What would you guys recommend to build lots of muscle while still remaining lean? I'm gonna try cardio at night because I lift in the morning so I think my muscles will get enough to grow but I will burn enough at night to not gain fat. Any advice helps Thankyou :)
+Alpha Fitness Your muscles do not repair and grow overnight. What you are doing is burning alot of the calories which are also used to repair your muscles and make them bigger. You have 2 choices, Either to eat alot and gain fat and muscle at the same time then cut the fat later on, or to burn most extra calories and not gain much fat, but gain muscle alot more slowly.
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