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Savannah airport ihop Videos

5 Juni - Liseberg & Måns Zelmerlöw

Vi tog en trip till Göteborg i början av juni så här har vi samlat ihop klipp från dagen. Malins twitter: @finastejagvet Malins insta: @malinfadlt Savannahs twitter: ...

Driving into a heavy rain storm.

Driving into town to meetup with some friends at IHOP and ran into this storm. One of the worst rain storms I've driven in.

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@powerspec88 That's a hassle. I hope you got that shit fixed. My 97 Olds 88 had the same problem, I got so tired of not knowing how much gas I got left, I especially got tired of running out of gas between intersections, expressways, highways, around school on extremely hot days, burning a lot of gas. Its good now. New pump and injectors, I'm finally doing on average 25 city, and on the highways driving for two hours I got 34.
Yeah but...if the law enforcement community in your continent was to be real "sticklers" for "letter of the law", how many people in Europe would get ticketed every day for driving in the passing lane when the driving lane is open? In certain parts of the "lower 48" law enforcement agents would write 20 tickets per day PER AGENT for this one infraction because of the terrible habits of U.S. drivers.
Omg i was driving from san diego to irvine about a month ago. Ran into a storm like around 330 point in this video. Could barely see in front of me. On the freeway too haha. I didnt pull over but i was scared as hell haha ive never seen it rain that hard
Even if it's not illegal, the Europeans have it right on this one. Driving in the "passing" (left) lane when not overtaking someone contributes to clogged roads and unsafe conditions. Not to mention contributing to road rage.
Omg i was driving from san diego to irvine about a month ago. Ran into a storm just like that on the freeway, around the 330 mark in the video. Could barely see in front of me. I kept driving but i was scared as hell
@powerspec88 Oh, right, the Malibu was redesigned in '07. To the looks of it, I think it's the LS or the 1LT. 2LT adds the sunroof and the leather. Top of the line is LTZ with Navigation through the radio.
i've been in worse in michigan..... just trying to go to jcpenny.....in saginaw. try hail, rain, soaked pants, thunder, lightning, can't see two INCHES in front of you, and flooding about 2 feet high.
My worst rainstorm as a kid was in Montana in 1966. The raindrops were huge and my parents could hardly see the road. Scary as heck. It was like bathtubs of water were coming onto the road.
This is why I use Rain-X religiously! Only once have I had to pull off the road due to heavy rain, but that rain included hail..
Nice vid. I take it their rain sense wipers. I dont trust them on my car, they never go fast enough when theirs heavy rain.
the malibu was redesigned in 08, 2004-2007 look like this one. My mom bought hers in 2008 it looks nothing like this.
Is it legal to drive on left lane when the right one is clear? In Europe it s only for overtaking.
Nice video, powerspec88! I loved all the video, especially as the rain was really intense! :D
You know rain is bad, when you need to use the extremely bloody fast setting on the wipers.
Where was this? The location where you were stopped at 5:45 looked really familiar
god I'm such a back seat driver but at 2:45 turn your wipers full ablast!
To the looks of it, it looks like this a 2008-2012 gen Chevy Malibu.
Use a pair of sunglasses next time in heavy rain. It works wonders.
@bichoorojo It depends on the state. But in Missouri, its legal.
wow dude gas is very low and your check engine light is on!!
Wow now i realise how it is.. i cant see shit in this vid.
Wow, pretty heavy down pour indeed! Gotta have Rain-X lol

Police arrest woman after I-89 chase

Savannah Lapan of Vershire is facing a slew of charges, including driving under the influence, after a police chase went more than 30 miles Saturday night on ...

Luggage Cart Race

ski trip with brian and adam.

Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn (December 16th, 2012.)

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I love these eating videos with you and your mom!

Dodge Charger - Daytona - Florida - Apr 2010 with Ron & Harrie

Dodge Charger - Daytona - Florida - Apr 2010 with Ron & Harrie.

Hotel tour Hampton inn Stroudsburg PA

This is Our First Hotel Tour Of All Time's. Hotel Tour's Will be A one Every A VERY LONG TIME. We Don't Really Stay Hotel's Much But Enjoy.

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Very good tour video of the Hampton Inn.
i make hotel room tour
I loved staying here!

Miriam and Magda arrested walking to the beach

Magda and Miriam were walking to the beach when they got arrested by the undercover officer.

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I know they r not real but those r some hot bikini babes and I wanna squeeze there sexy half bare booties
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