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Nissan mexico oil Videos

Nissan recalling 79,000 vehicles

2005 nissan frontier transmission fluid

This video shows where the dip stick and drain plug for the transmission in the 2005 nissan frontier V6.

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I own an 07 Pathfinder. I experienced this problem in Dec. of 2012. I had 136k. I put out $6,000+. My mechanic had 3 other cars in the same condition sitting in front of his shop. I kept all my receipts he told me something was gonna happen. We sent all our paperwork to Nissan with their approiate forms. This was in Feb. of 2013. I received a rejection letter from them Thanxgiving week of 2013. My mechanic told me to be persistant and keep calling til someone helps me. Today, after 7 calls and waited for return calls, finally got my call and they told me I was SOL!!! Looking for a class action suit. THIS SUCKS!!! NISSAN SUCKS!!!!
Can't we file a suite? If a group of owners with model years 05 to 10 Pathfinders/Xterras/Frontiers get together because of this transmission/radiator issue can't we file a claim of negligence on behalf of Nissan knowing the issue exists but basically doing nothing to fix the issue and leaving the customer with the bill for their engineering mistake?

Gulf of Mexico oil business is booming

Gulf of Mexico oil business is booming -------------------------Link to channel----------------- Subscribe channel://goo.gl/ueYjVD Google page: //goo.gl/alr4zS ...

2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R Review

Review of my 2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Instagram: //instagram.com/projectwrx15 Twitter: ...

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I am really sad about the b16 se-r models, as a b15 Spec V owner, it was just a let down, it got too big, too heavy, and the revised 2.5 qr25 just isn't as punchy as the b15s 
owned both have b16 now. the spec V is better
+Joseph Larios​ well I have a b16 spec v not ser sorry I love b15s but a b16 spec v handles better and is faster just a fact I'm not hating but I just don't think you have driven a b16 spec v stock I can also hit a  hit 14.8 1/4 mile stock b15 couldn't get close but I do respect you and you're wonderful b15 drive safe man  
I haven't got to race a b16 yet, I know I out corner them due to being on the track with them, and I have driven one and feels like a sporty altima 2.5 too damm big now :\
+Joseph Larios Yet i can beat b15s from a dig and roll all day at any speed but i love the b15's dont get me wrong
I had the 03 spec v
+phijef89 I bought my wife a brand new 2003 Sentra SE-R Spec-V for her birthday about three months after we were married. It was Vibrant Blue. Definitely a nice and fun little car to toss around for the money :)
I have the SR model '12 special edition.
+kevin davis lol
Not the same

Nissan Titan transfer case fluid change

Use 3/8 Hex key not 9mm that I mentioned in the video, use Nissan Matic D ATF, about 2 1-2 quarts.

2012 Nissan Sentra SR Walkaround By Jeffrey Morris at Buckeye Nissan

A Video Walk Around of a 2012 Nissan Sentra SR by Jeffrey Morris, the Internet Manager at Buckeye Nissan. Give him a call for more information at ...

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cruise control?

TOTAL - Nissan ZEOD RC innovative engine oil

Brazil oil auction Lone bid wins exploration rights BBC News

Brazil oil auction Lone bid wins exploration rightsBrazil oil auction Lone bid wins exploration rightsThe rights to explore Brazil's biggest oilfield have been won at ...
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