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Mercedes gl long term Videos

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 4MATIC - Long-Term Road Test Wrap-Up

Like its spirit animal, the massive, majestic American buffalo, the American-made Mercedes-Benz GL450 is ideally suited to the wide-open spaces of our vast ...

Mercedes-Benz Wants to Buy Out Aston Martin

Football Manager 2014 Let's Play | LLM Playthrough #13 | Long Term Injury | Gameplay

another llm episode here today! ✪ CLICK ▽▽▽ TO SUBSCRIBE ✪ ◙◙◙ //goo.gl/vzgh4c ◙◙◙ the skin i'm using - //www.fmpassion.com/index.php?

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Poor Connolly lol. Gets brought on with Aggressive team talk and then gets taken off after 5 mins lol, wtf? And poor Watkins lol, what can he do more? 6 goals in 8 starts for reserves and 2 goals from 2 starts in 1st team and continually left out for rubbish connolly and Pratt lol.
+FootyManagerTV And did you realise you brought Connelly on to then take him off like 8 mins later lol. And you seem to worry about condition alot. If your opponents have bad condition also you really dont have to worry to much, play your best players. And you should go on the forums and look at advice on team talks. it really helps to know what works with diff players and what the team talks mean etc. And your away form was up and down so much because you always use the same tactic. Teams get used to how to play v you. But away from home its important to play more defensive. Defence can be the best form of attack as you draw the home team onto you then break. Good to have pace when playing away. And having you striker set to poacher can be really ineffective if his naturally a Target man and vice versa.
+FootyManagerTV no worries. I started to watch the FM 14 one first, then saw you say you did a FM 13 one. So watching this one first. I normally get into the FM stories on the Forums, but this easier as dont have to read ;) Yeah really hooked on this one. Altho I find myself shouting at the screen what you should be doing etc lol. Been playing FM since it was champ man back in 1992. ;) And been a real manager in real life also for over 20 years.
+cruiseylee haha thanks for the comment man, great to see someone is still watching my FM14 save with bath. doing one in FM15 if you haven't checked it out yet!

Certified 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class White Plains, NY #20224U

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