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De'Longhi Coming to America Commercial

In De'Longhi's first spot in the US in almost a decade the brand is reintroduced by depicting one of their obsessed designers transporting the Perfecta Espresso ...

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"the crayon fields" from australia. great song. great commercial.

Mother Proof YES Essentials Test

Mom-Reviewer Sara Lacey and her mad scientist son test out Chrysler's YES Essentials fabric upholstery. Watch the video to find out if it's truly stain- and ...

Pumpkin Harvest Festival-4 Mile Historic Park

A couple minutes of the Pumpkin Harvest Festival on October 5, 2013 at the 4 Mile Historic Park in Denver, CO. There's some cute kids, my wife, me, a pie eating ...

Little Italy & One Very Famous Woman...Baltimore Trip (July 2013)

It was a chooch down memory lane as I walked South Exeter Street, in the heart of Baltimore's famed, Little Italy. When I was first married, I lived on this street ...

David Cagle - School/Business parodies (studio singer, session singer, singer for hire)

//thestudiosinger.blogspot.com/ //www.facebook.com/thestudiosinger Want to modify the lyrics of a popular song and make your own version? Use it for ...

Let's Welcome All Deaf & HoH People

Regarding to welcome everyone despite if they don't know ASL depending on how they were raised using oral, cued speech, etc. More comments to read on my ...

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I am HoH but grew up taking speach classes and lipreading and...adapting (oral). I was always fascinated by ASL: I have a Deaf aunt and as I grew up speaking and she grew up signing, we can't communicate well. But! Once I got to University I started studying ASL and LOVED it. I've learned nothing in my life so fast - its like I was WAITING to learn it to be able to SPEAK without fear. But I still feel out of place because I'm not fluent in sign or fully deaf. I'm glad not everyone would shun me!
Dear Geo: I am a bonehead :( I screwed up my comment just below which was meant for your vid "Are we in a Deaf or Hearing World?" (which I had open in another window) & not this one ;however, upon viewing this vid I think the same idea applies to subcultures in the deaf world. What I'm saying (& I know this sounds clumsy) is that it is important for us all (hearing & non & implant etc) to make the first move ourselves to meet new people and help make everyone comfortable. Sincerely Aquatania
thats right. i do sleep in silence when i take it off. thank you for this video. i have a deaf friend her name is brenda. i wear a hearing aid. im deaf in my left ear and i wear a hearing aid in my right. 30% with it in the right. anywase. she tried to teach me sign language. and she has shown me a couple of words. but not enough to communicate in sign langauge. i would like to learn sign language completely. i know all the alphabet and thats how i talk to her. either that or writing. nikki
Dear Geo: I would say the separation that exists is the same as for immigrants who come to the US & who cannot speak English. These people generally stay together, because they know communication will be much easier (the same can be said about slang & dialects) I believe, the same is true about relations between the deaf & hearing. I'm not saying its right ;however, I do believe more interaction needs to be encouraged by both sides so they can understand each other. Sincerely Aquatania
I had many experiences like this while working at the school. We would receive students who had been raised orally and when they came to our school, I could actually see them bloom! They were able to communicate after awhile and became very social in the deaf world. I think it is a shame to "stunt" deaf children by keeping them away from ASL. Let the deaf child decide for himself what he wants to do, it's his life, not the parents'. Lantana
I'm so relieved to see that something I have been feeling as a late-deafened (mid-30s) profoundly HOH person is actually felt by others. I visited the Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto, a couple of years ago, thinking I might be welcomed and learn coping skills but instead I felt oddly out of place. I didn't grow up deaf and don't know ASL. I couldn't communicate with the staff which made me feel awkward.....
One other thing. Your videos are great. I appreciate the closed captioning and that you slow down your ASL. I took one beginner course so I'm familiar with the very basics (numbers, letters, a few basic words) so you're video gives me a way to follow your hands while I read the text and put the 2 things together. I really appreciate that your pace is slower and easier to follow. Thanks.
@loveHuera81 Aw, just wanted to say thank you for such a nice comment. I marked this as best comment of the day on FB and many liked yours. Many, many thanks and don't let these rude people get to you big time. There are many good ones out there is what all matters. Congrats on learning ASL, you will become an expert in no time. :-D Have a wonderful wknd and again, thanks!
It is very good for the viewer. You are right about it lending you facial expressions, which are vital. Lip-readers need them as well. I recall my parents giving me flash-cards and saying "watch my lips" and putting my hands on their throats to feel the absence or presence of sounds that I could not perceive.
This made me really emotional, since I experienced what Alex did. I was also told I was not "deaf" enough because I can hear with a hearing aid. When I take it off, I am totally deaf. Does this mean I am deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing impaired? Or just deaf half the time?
Thank you for saying this... it is hard to be almost a "half-breed" in this world. I always tout quiet nights as a huge benefit! Put on an eye mask and you will sleep in beautiful suspended animation, through anything, including earthquakes or a nuclear war.
Good For YOU!!!! So glad you don't reject ppl who don't know or are VERY limited to ASL. I still don't understand why some deaf ppl are so stuck up and rude. Im hard of hearing. & barely learning ASL. There should be more open minded ppl like you =)
@theHolism Hey you! Many thanks for the comment. :-D I missed doing videos like this type of topics. I should get back on it sometimes with new topics to remind how important that we all need to accept others regardless of their differences and such.
LOVE IT!!!! I totally agree. My daughter is a Deaf child with a CI. Her first language is ASL but she is also learning spoken language. Our local Deaf community is very welcoming to all children and parents. I love that they support all our choices.
Hey! You are deaf regardless (or if you prefer HoH, up to you) no matter what because we all either wear hearing aids, cochlear implant, etc.. and we all are still deaf. :-) Because we sleep in silent at nights when we take 'em off. :-) -SG
I'm not sure if it is part of being taught with ASL as combination. I personally prefer using mouth words which helps to have good facial expression. It seems to be impossible to have expression without using mouth words. :-D -SG
...Might not have been their intention but it didn't feel welcoming. The books I picked up on deaf culture seemed hostile rather than educational. I have subscribed to your videos and hope to learn more and to fit in more.
Yes, thank you SG. This is a very imporant subject that needs more attention. I grew up hoh in an all oral environment, now Im deaf. I know only very little ASL, and I understand how Alex feels.
Hey Seekgeo... you're my hero! Because we're a very small community we REALLY can not afford to turn anybody away, seriously. One of the best vlog you've done.
Btw, for a non-speaker, you form those words perfectly in lip-reading. I cannot do that myself, and neither can many other folks, whether hearing or not.
Hey, MsHardofHearing Oh that'd be awesome if you do, I will look out for it. :-D Hope you did have a good memorial's weekend.
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