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Body works south shields Videos

Valonia Tattoos, piercings and body mods studio

The Micro Chip implantation. Done at Valonia Tattoos in South Shields England. www.valoniatattoos.co.uk Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter.

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:) i must say this is AWESOME lol, :D
sexyy af

Witness The Fitness Bootcamp South Shields.m4v

Surfing South Shields Northeast Uk (1st of the year..)

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......a few tips dude! STop panicking when the wave approaches and start P A D D L I N G man! Another thing...................maybe if you actually breath when your 'riding' the wave your front leg wobble will disappear! E N J O Y !!!!!!
Sweet man...from the shores of Los Angeles,California , USA! 
Hello again fan of spo72 thanks and I will take it on board

Queen - A Human Body - Acoustic Guitar Tutorial Lesson

How to play Queen - A Human Body Written and sang by Roger Taylor A Human Body was a B-Side to the 1980 single Play The Game In 6/8 time the intro kicks ...

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It's nice to see another new video from you.It's been a while since you last uploaded.
Thanks. Yeah I've been having work done on house so it's been a few weeks since last upload.

Orange Grass Thai Restaurant, South Shields

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