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Body works supplements Videos


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that lip colour looks beautiful on you x

It Works Body Wrap and supplements.

Its all about that crazy WRAP THING! Find out how you can Tighten, Tone and firm that extra skin. Also find out about some of the best supplements on the ...

best natural fitness supplement expert of the USA | Rick Reed | Corrective Bodyworks

A Chiropractors View on It Works! Body Wrap, Supplements and Business Opportunity

www.SupplementsAndBodyWraps.com A Chiropractor walks you through the details of her journey with It Works! Global.. #ItWorks! Has the one and only ...

Body Beast Natural Supplements Explained

//www.amandakjones.com/go/bodybeast/ Body Beast trainer Sagi Kalev talks with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler about natural supplementation.

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yes they took suma root out of Shakeo because there are a lot of elite athletes, military members, etc. taking Shakeo and now with the supplement it's your choice whether or not to take suma or not. If you like I'd be happy to email you the entire recording if you're interested...this is just a 5 minute snippet from a ~ 45 min recording.
for some reason i cannot reply to any comment on youtube. anyway I would like to hear the full recording only if it has more information on the suma. because i already know what the other 3 supplements do. i am just worried about this suma lol and wanna know more information about it. thanks
i cant find enough research and tests behind super suma. by the way the suma roots were pulled out of shakolegy, because every natural bodybuilder who took shakology tests positive for high testosterone levels. just letting you know, if you have have other details, reply to me.
I had Fuel Shot and I just bought the Base Shake! I really want to get the Suma Root pills. Has anyone tried them and do they really work? I need something that will give me energy and at the same time relive my mind from stress.
I still had some P90X r&r left when I started body beast. When I get to the bulk phase I'm going to start taking super suma.
I heard somewhere that suma root was banned. How can they legally still sell it in the super suma product?
sure, can you PM me with your email address?
Do you still have the entire recording?
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