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Birmingham england unemployment rate Videos

UK Unemployment Rate 14 May

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Unemployment numbers are falling because everyone has been sanctioned and are now relying on food banks. Unemployment is worse because of rising population numbers and no jobs available. Zero hour contracts do not count as jobs. Working is now a mugs game and will remain a mugs game until the minimum wage is scrapped and replaced with a livable wage, the minimum being 10 pounds per hour for everyone, including 16 year olds - work is work. The jobcentre plus scam also needs to be replaced with a service that helps people find the work they want, when they want and where they want. The present service is staffed by sociopath's, and that will obviously have to change too.
Please note that Universal Credit is not featured within those stats. check Unemploymentuk news for more //unemploymentuk.blogspot.com/2014/05/labour-market-figures-2014.html

UK unemployment rises to Mar2013 (15May13)

The ONS says the UK's unemployment rate to March 2013 rose 15000 to 2.52million unemployed. Recorded from BBC News Channel, 15 May 2013.

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My first day of work in a warehouse today and some of my colleagues was talking about how they use to be able to walk out of work on a Friday and find work on the Monday, as someone who has never worked in such a job market it just seemed so alien that it could be the case. It's a tragedy that men are finding it the hardest to find work, they're already most likely to be homeless and commit suicide, let alone making it harder to support a family I find it frankly sickening that he disregards it.
The issue is lots of pointless talk due to most of the people who have the main voices have good jobs therefore they do not have real empathy for the high level of rising unemployed people. Every growing company should be persuaded to take on employees, more apprenticeships should be created, more internships for university graduates. The people who are unemployed and skilled they should be funding available for them to set up business and train the young generation stop neglecting generations
Of course we're going to have high unemployment whilst we're an importing country, we've had a trade deficit ever since the 80's. Our tax code is too complicated, tax rates are too high, we suffer from over-regulation, most of which comes from the EU. Unless these issues are solved, we won't attract investment, we'll carry on trading at a deficit and unemployment will be high. The only party saying we should simplify our tax code, lower taxes, deregulate and cut spending is UKIP.
here we go, have your seen what they done, have you seen what theyve one, theyve taken the jobs from the public sector, moved it to the private sector and now , now, come to our face and tell us theirs no jobs, and the british public are just sitting there, letting this tyranical government, as they crush everything from our health care to education, to pensions, destroying our future and the future of our children, unemployment has risen
You have to control immigration because if people from other countries are coming over to get jobs the people who are already here are still going to be unemployed... We don't have the ability to look after the people we have already let alone let more people into the system. We have to stop immigration all together for a period of time until the ratio of the independent population and jobs available is more evenly balanced.
I applied for a job in my town 9 jobs 900 applicants, and guess who they took on British or eastern European . Fuck these politicians, they don't give a shit about the british . All they want is cheap labour. I have paid taxes for 35 years and they don't give a shit about british workers . VOTE UKIP
Question for all you Tory scum racists out there, I'll make it simple so even YOU can get it. Question: You have MASSIVE national debt Billions of pounds. Do you: A) Tax the rich companies and people who HAVE al this money? B) Squeeze the fuck out the poorest people who simply can't afford it?
Question for all you Europhiles out there, I'll make it simple so even you can get it: Question: You have over two and a half million people unemployed. Do you: a) Import more labour. b) Control immigration.
So 50% of the people who took jobs in the UK are NONE british born people. If you want unemployment to go down. Stop the EU sending people here. How dumb are these people to not see whats going on.
"The total number of claimants for job seekers allowance for the month of April that's down 7,000" - That's because we sanctioned most of them, not because they found work.
How about cut staff, I mean stop mass immigration by changing benefit rules- no benefits to anyone who has not lived in UK for no less than 5 years
No it isn't. There are no political parties that can save us. The people need a REVOLUTION for what the people want!
if there 2.52 million unemployed and 1.5 million of them claiming JSA, then what is the other 1 million doing?
Thank you Lie/cons, You are doing such a good job cannot weight for the next election, You cunts, !!

David Cameron Britain is the jobs factory of Europe

Speaking in Birmingham on Friday, David Cameron hails Britain as the 'jobs factory of Europe' after unemployment dropped to its lowest level since 2008.

UK jobless rate hits 15-year high

//www.euronews.net/ Unemployment in Britain hit its highest in 15 years. The number of young people out of work topped the politically sensitive one million ...

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yea would be a stupid idea to give people money who would then buy cars homes and everything they want inside the home some maybe even start their own business creating more jobs its a much better idea to keep giving the eussr all that money and gain nothing but rules and regulations that make life hard for all here
i can fix the uk jobless in 1 day heres how goverment gives me 1 days payment they give the eu 48 million pounds i give all the jobless 1 million each no more unemployed problem solved
U.S. poverty hits 49.1 mln record youtube.com/watch?v=Gus216j3WoI

Bank of England to keep interest rates low linked to job growth

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