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Dayton flyers audio Videos

Squirt Gun Levi - Dayton Rap

Levi Bruce - Rapper, Singer Matt Fox - Bernie Man Jacob Fenton - Director, Editor, Cinematographer Michael Bishop - Director, Audio Engineer Hayden Gephart ...

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I'd highly suggest transferring... not sure why someone would destroy their own reputation like this before they even stepped foot on campus. what an embarrassment to a great school. tools.
@bbaes get out of here you queer. two south in your mouth.
This video is off the hook, I am Extremely impressed :)
2 south in your muthafuckin mouth

George Mason Pump Up

The 20-6 Dayton Flyers take on George Mason at home on Wednesday at 7 PM. Come out and support your team! Red Scare does not own, or pretend to own, ...

Dayton Flyers Basketball.. Encore by Lincoln Park!!

Dayton Flyers Basketball Spirit.. Encore by Lincoln Park!!

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need sum motion shots on here but other than that its okay. or least the pic when oh boy from florida slam on sum cat

The Choraleer's 64th Anniversary

The audio flyer for the Choraleer's 64th Anniversary. Sunday, April 27, 2014, 4PM, at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, 5191 Hoover Ave, Dayton OH. Special ...

Dayton Basketball Freestyle

The Dayton Flyers have made it to the Elite 8 for the first time in 30 years. Needless to say, Dave Zup was late for class.
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