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How to change fuse Videos

How to replace fuses and reset breakers

How to replace fuses and reset breakers.

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thank you, you saved my life lol
Does every home have both fuses and brrakers
Older homes may have both but newer homes will only have breakers.

How To Change A Fuse In A Traditional Fuse Box

Change a Fuse in a Traditional Fuse Box. Our presenter locates a traditional fuse box where she rewires the blown fuse. In a traditional fuse box, each fuse is for ...

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Found this vid whilst trying to find out why the fuses always spark when replaced. Turns out that's because the master switch has been hidden behind a fitted cupboard where I couldn't see it, so I'd shoved the fuse into a live board. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, since whichever idiot fitted the kitchen (before we moved in) decided the fusebox would be perfectly safe under the sink!
Step 10, Replace the Fuse-Way Cover. Unfortunately you can't, somebody has fitted some Retro-Fit MCB's and it will not fit, which compromises the I.P. Rating of The Fuse Board. Now imagine a child getting up there and poking something metallic inside.
Notice how she turned off the main switch but the lights stayed on ***if any one says it was duing the day why was she reading with the aid of a lamp
It' s nice to see that there are still people using fuses in theyr homes, here in italy we only use circuit breakers.
Thank you for saving my morning and the call out fee for a sparky! I'm so proud to have done this myself!!!!!
I love Youtube - now I love you! Thank you for taking the time and energy to film and upload this.
This video does not apply to USA households, we use round buss style plug fuses, or breakers
This video did the trick for me: all sorted for £1.75 of fuse wire. Thanks for the post.
That's an old fuse box now a days we use trip switches and RCDs
thanks man.. 5 days my lights were out -.- thanks.
You lost me at step one get a torch.
Circuit breaker for instant win.
Thanks for the video!
Genius - thank you!
That explains it!
Awesome video!

How to change a fuse on a plug - The HouseSpouse

The Online Househusband, the HouseSpouse changes the fuse on a kettle plug.

Carpentry & Home Improvement Skills : How to Replace a Blown Fuse

Replacing a blown fuse requires locating the right fuse, which would be purplish and damaged, and replacing it with a new fuse of the same amperage.

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I have a fuse box nearly identical to the one in this video and one blew. Before I attempt to replace it (with the exact same type of fuse, I'm already aware), are there any safety steps I need to take, or is it really as simply as screwing the blown one out and screwing the new one in? 
I know this really simple, but when your fuse is blown and you are used to a circuit breaker instead of a fuse box this is video is really useful. Thanks Robert Markey, you help me fixed a problem that I could do it myself.
This video was so helpful that immediately after I watched this my power just automatically turned back on
thanks for posting
Pretty lame
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