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Nissan gtr 2014 vs bugatti veyron Videos

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 vs Bugatti Veyron GS - vs GTR, SLS, 12C, TT-RS, CLK DTM, 991 TS (1080p HD)

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Nice video. That w16 sounds monster 

Kawasaki H2R Vs Bugatti Veyron Vs Nissan GTR

Kawasaki H2R Vs Bugatti Veyron Vs Nissan GTR on runway.

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That is so fake. The bugatti lost. The gtr is slower than the bugatti .So how did it win?
Read the title 1350 horsepower Gtr , the bugatti is bone stock no wonder Italian supercar lost to a Japanese car
Your wrong, when there is no gtr the Bugatti is most faster, when gtr cames gtr is the most fast car.
+Selmane Beats it isn't.. nismo gtr only made roughly 600 whp
its nissan gtr nismo
+Harry Yeboah That Gtr isn't stock, plus gtr had better traction and lower weight etc... so yeah, no. veyron isn't faster than that Gtr..
Would love to see that GTR race the Bugatti.
+VR46champion I want to see how hard will this GTR smoke the Veyron.
+LAUNCH CONTROL 東瀛戰神 a tuned R34 has already smoked a Veyron I'm sure this GTR will also do it
I go for GTR 弟.
Looking at the bike's speedo, it looks like this amazing bike catches the Veyron SS at about 180 mph...with all-wheel drive, that Veyron is still a bear off the line from a standing start and to 100 mph...with the GTR its a rolling start...traction issues, I guess..
+RichardFeynmanRules Really not that amazing the bike weighs a lot, once you got out of the wheelie zone it settles down.
Launching a gtr with 1300hp doesn't sound too smart lol

16Vampir VW Golf 2 vs Bugatti Veyron vs AMS Nissan GTR

Race: VW Golf 2 vs Bugatti Veyron vs AMS Nissan GTR Subcribe BLACKIOS and have Fun :D.

Nissan GT R vs Bugatti Veyron

Nissan GT-R vs. Bugatti Veyron See the video to see the result who will win Follow Us On Twitter : https://twitter.com/fadoocars See Our FB Fan Page ...

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Nissan GTR R35 vs Bugatti Veyron Super sport

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