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Mat Kearney from Live in the Vineyard for Southwest Airlines

We sat down with Mat Kearney for an exclusive interview to discuss his new album Just Kids and the great new single Heartbeat. In this intimate conversation we ...

Travelin' Taylor Tour: Parmalee, Live at 35

Parmalee performs their hit single "Carolina" to launch the Live at 35 Travelin' Taylor Tour, presented by Southwest Airlines and Taylor Guitars. Want to win the ...

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Man I wish... We can't have concerts on every flight but we do our best to keep things interesting...
Live at 35 is a concert series we hold on Southwest Flights... Live at 35,000 feet...
Awesome! That gives a new meaning to inflight entertainment!
Is it on every flight?
What is live at 35

Southwest Airlines Live at 35: Youngblood Hawke

Youngblood Hawke performed "We Come Running" from their debut album "Wake Up," high above the clouds Live at 35 in support of Live in the Vineyard.

Imagine Dragons Destination Dragons 1

Imagine Dragons, who just released their latest album "Smoke + Mirrors" last week, perform "Radioactive" on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to ...

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I would be excited even if a non famous group did this during a flight. Heck if a random dude with a ukulele stood up and played that would be good fun.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why why why I luv the so much im there biggestr fan since there first album came out I want to be there
WHY?? I wanted to be there so bad!!! I'm like their number one (sane) fan!
I would want to be there!

Owen Benjamin Prepares for Departure (Funny on the Fly)

Comedian Owen Benjamin is off to set a new world record — visiting the most airports in one month by a passenger. But there's just one small problem... who ...

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That self-esteem app might come in handy if you're carrying around a Lenovo tablet.
@MoldytoasterMedia And what makes the airline so shitty I would love to know?
cool, let's see your travels in SWA
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