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Bing travel awards Videos

Han Bing awarded the "China Model Star Award" at the 2014 Asia Model Awards

2014 아시아모델상시상식 중국 모델스타상 시상자 - 까스텔바작 수상자 - 중국모델스타 한빙(Han Bing)

Big Bang & EXO's Reactions to Troublemaker & INFINITE's Performance @ 2013 MAMA

트러블메이커 + 인피니트 무대를 본 빅뱅 + 엑소의 반응 The "Seungri reaction to Hoya and Hyuna" going around is actually Seungri getting a shock when he ...

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현아언니랑 호야오빠가 뭐했는데 승리가 놀란거에여?
현아 손에 인피니트 로고문신을 보고 놀란거예요~ 트러블메이커랑 인피니트 스토리가 연결되는건데 현아가 호야랑 같은팀 스파이 킬러인거죠.. 장현승킬러를 유인해서 호야가 총으로 처단한거예요.. 원래는 호야등에도 현아랑 같은 로고를 보여주어야 하는데 가죽자켓이 땀으로 벗겨지지 않았던거라네요..
+연두 현아랑 호야 때문에는아니에요... 그냥 자기 얼굴을 화면에 나와서 깜짝 놀랐어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (한국어를잘못해서죄송해요~ 아직 배우고있어요)
that awk moment when the top 2 boy grps are sat beside each other hahaha
+Kim Hudd Yeah like YG & SM Entertainment.
i really want to see baekhyun's reaction, and it seems like they're so shocked when they kissed.
Baekhyun missed the kiss
Why couldn't EXO or Bigbang look at the fan cam
almost 3M on a reaction video omg x"))
Lol seungri's reaction at 6:10 is totally me about this whole video
TOP and GD's reaction is so real and cute omg. The scene from 6:05 is so funny. I really laugh so hard when the camera focused on Seung Ri, GD saw that on the monitor and act like SR again to joke him lol.

Where Will You Be In A Year? - Past Bing / Future Bing

Subscribe! //www.youtube.com/bingradio Past Bing / Future Bing is a two year-long experiment to create one year's worth of videos, alternating between ...

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For those wondering about the Ultrasound at 1:02 I think its an Ultrasound of Bing's heart as he was born with a heart condition (I believe he said so in a previous video?) Ultrasounds aren't just used for pregnant ladies! :P Also it say's Christopher Bingham at the top.... I don't know anyone having a Ultrasound of baby having the fathers name on the top of it XD
So, in a year I've made some amazing friends and been through a lot of tough shit with them. My family's kind of fallen apart but that's okay, because I'm still here, about to finish high school and move on to college, I feel great and I'm in a better place than I was a year ago. And I feel so much better for having watched pb/fb every day. Thank you, Chris :)
2 more days? Where will i be in a year? On the moon, king of the martians ...or at least a crappy apartment (or anywhere but still here in my parents house.... seriously, I'd take a cardboard box). Idk. But what i do know is that i won't be here on the intranet, SOPA will make sure of that lol.
i will still be in high school but i hope that my grades will inprove and that my home situations will be more plesent. awesome video and i hav watched all of the PB/FB videos. so awesome. dont know how u thought of such a great idea
The amazing song at the end is Torn Fauvist Sky by Tofu Stravinsky. It looks like he hasn't any videos on Youtube and his most popular song on SoundCloud has 2200 views. I think that's gonna be changing...
It's really weird watching this again after the latest PB with you offering free sweets to interview the people at the beginning. X) I'm really gonna miss this project, Bing. We all will!
This time in a year my life will probably be the same. I don't mind though, I'm just taking on life one day at a time, looking toward a better future.
well ill be going into 8th grade while still listening to coldplays newest music as well still watching Tomska and all his friends and better grammar
Employer-"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Me-"Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of you asking me this question." I still got the job.
Hopefully getting some decent animations and videos on youtube with my friends, getting some hits, and waiting for Bing to marry me.
I will be coming to the end of my year long daily Vblog I have just started and working on my final project for my last year of uni!

Anine Bing en ELLE mayo

La diseñadora Anine Bing nos abre las puertas de su casa de Los Ángeles en una sesión de fotos con sabor 'rock & roll'.

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Me encanta el video y Anine Bing sale guapisima!! Enhorabuena por el reportaje!
Que canción es ? 

01.10.2013 ICNSF News - Bing Concert Hall Opens on Stanford Campus

Nominees Announced for 85th Academy Awards CIRC Expected to Reject HSBC's Sale of Ping An Insurance Bing Concert Hall Opens on Stanford Campus ...

Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing!

The sexy actress played Matthew Perry's erotic novelist mom in Friends...

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Soooo glad my mum was a relic of the 1950s, who liked knitting, making cups of tea, and flowery blouses.

Gemma Chan Interview BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2014

Gemma Chan Interview BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2014.

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I am glad that she is on a leading role in Humans as her eyes can display a robotic look.
+Kyo Chan That sounds more like an insult than a compliment. lol
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