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Car dealer agreement Videos

Earl Stewart on Cars: Understanding Auto Purchase Return Policies

In this segment of the Earl Stewart on Cars radio program, Earl explains what you should know about auto return policies before you purchase a new or used ...

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Every buyers order discloses how many miles a cars before the customer drives it off the lot, so how can a customer drive off the lot without noticing that the new car that they just purchased was driven by someone else for 800 miles. as far as letting a customer drive a new car home for a day makes no sense, what should you tell the next customer that comes in to buy that same car? now that car has a hundred miles on it? Customers have a lots of recourses in todays market, The internet is your friend, Research before buying, Don't buy a car and take someones time and realize that you don't want it the next day. i sell cars for a living and i am also a consumer, everyone in life that we deal with is trying to sell us something, from the cable provider to the guy at the brandmart trying to sell us a tv. no one makes anyone buy anything they don't want to buy, its called buyers remorse,I have a family too, i don't like spending four hours of my time(away from my kids) for a customer to come back in the next day trying to return a car like it was a t-shirt at walmart. As far as carmaxs go's, one of the most expensive places that you can buy a used car from, Up absolutely no discount at carmaxs. 
What if i did't sing a contract

Earl Stewart on ABC's The Lookout "Yo-Yo Cars"

Earl Stewart is interviewed by Brian Ross, correspondent for ABC News regarding his input on the car dealer sales tactic called The "Yo-Yo Agreement" or "Spot ...

Rick Pinto - The Australian Automotive Industry Needs Change

What if you could satisfy your 'dealership agreement' without having to keep paper hard copies of your warranty repair orders (RO)s?

Notifying Car Buyers

2013 Chevy Cruze - Customer Review Phillips Chevrolet - New Car Dealer Sales Chicago Dealership

68 HEMI Road Runner, Original Drive Line, Color, and Documentation, Rotisserie Correct Resto

THE STORY : 1968 HEMI Road Runner restored to #1 condition, 2 owners ( from friend of family to me ). I bought the car in the mid 80's from the original owner ...
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