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Car dealer thank you cards Videos

Thank You Card 46 Auto Dealership Example MyVBC

Hibiscus Thank you card & Home school chat

I used the Car Decals cartridge for this card. I wanted to share my heart about Home schooling. I don't ever want to come across as self righteous because I ...

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Re: your clogging issue, I saw an instructor leave her glue upside down in a glass cup with a wet paper towel and she said it helps clogging while you are crafting. Oops, wasn't me Janice who commented and said you were a wonderful Mom because you home-school. Not that I don't think you are a great Mom but I am an educator and I recognize the hard work that goes into what you do and also can appreciate your devotion to your son's education. Thanks for mentioning me though....lol
Great fix! I'm always doing things like that! Even after I check. It's already cold here in Charleston! In the 40's and getting colder. FYI: the flower soft works better if you put it in a larger container and run your fingers through it. I'm thinking it's made of sponge or something similar. It sort of 'grows' in a larger space. Love the Hybiscus! I'm going to search my carts to see if I've got one. TFS
Thanks so much for touch base on home schooling. Beautiful card. I have that cartridge as well as don't use it as often as I should for the extras. Is it possible to get home school materials as extra help for my younger son, eventhough he's enrolled in school ?
You don't come over as a bragger. You seem (to me) to be exactly the opposite! It's obvious that you have put God first in your life. And Adrian will benefit from that teaching as well as the 3R's. Keep up the good work.
Janice, ProvoCraft just released an update to the Gypsy that corrects the linking issue with some cartridges. Thanks for sharing this beautiful card. I simply love it!!
@KimScrapper I just noticed the entry below mine and you know what? I bet you it was here....Her name is quite similar to mine...Great card Janice!
Janice, Your card is almost as sweet as you. I truly love your videos and listening to your stories. Thank you so much. Love the card Hugs, Stacy
What's the name of the glue? I need one that doesn't leave a residue, as i'm always oozing,lol. Lovely cards!
I wonder if it would help if you were to put a rubber band around the gap??? Not sure, just a thought.
These are gorgeous. Only you would think of stamping with the little dots and make it look perfect.
I home schooled my kids too ;) I am a huge advocate for hsing ;) great card too!!!
I love the card...so fun and tropical. TYFS~Brenda
@kikikens8375 --- on the glue bottle that is :)


SAN DIEGO - Multiple Team 10 sources said a San Diego County sheriff's deputy used a county car and gas card for two years when he should not have been.

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he aint busted ! when he sits in jail then he's busted ! he got way scott free !! justice -just us !!!
+William Goble Thanks for bringing that to my attention about him NOT being "BUSTED"! I just changed the title to "EXPOSED". Exposing the corrupt cops / Oath Violators one at a time. (; Peace, POETIC.
+William Goble Going to check that out right now! Peace, POETIC.
+POETIC hey bro i loaded up my videos ! noty very interesting because i got there early and i missed out on the horses because i was talking to Mr. Bundy's cousins !! that would have been good video !
+William Goble Ya know something? You are 100% correct! I need a new title! lol Peace, POETIC.

Bob Marley - Bad Card (w/Lyrics) HD

Album: Uprising (1980) Lyrics: You a-go tired fe see me face; Can't get me out of the race. Oh, man, you said I'm in your place And then you draw bad cyard ...

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In his book, The Words and Music of Bob Marley, David Moskowitz explains that the song has its roots and is about Marley’s falling out with his manager — Don Taylor — who, it turned out, had been skimming money off Marley’s concert earnings. In the fallout, Taylor also threatened to ruin Marley’s image. Bad Card is a defiant song in which Marley makes clear that inspire the machinations of those he considered allies, his music will endure and they will continue to see and hear about him.
rasta is the first seen?
+Duke Lewis well you know Bob and Peter were really good friends untill the end
+Rose Grants I agree with you Rose, I wasn't there so i can't speculate, but to me, in my Heart, thats why this song was written, just sound right :)
well, No body knows for sure. bob's children were very young at the time of recording. I have heard the song is about peter touch.  After peter touch left the band, he said some of the hits that was recorded was his own creation. hits like stand up get up. he claim he co wrote stir it up, and he said he was the one that made bob a supper star.  Peter wrote a song called," stop that train am leaving"  while promoting the song he said he wrote that song after he left wailers.  IT is one of my best to 10 bob songs.  The wrong move"" bob was taking about is that after peter touch left, the band gain more international recognition .  " You say A in your place"  it is about peter
One of the best songs ever
i want to disturb my neighboor, cause im feeling fucking right, i want to turn up my disco, blow them to full watts tonight x)
hmm fucking?
One of his best songs. Now this is his only scan song. The beat is ska. The lyrics are also great. There a story about Marley being cheated by his manager in a tour in Africa and that's why he composed this song. Others said this was composed before that disgraceful event. I had Marley's Bio and his life is really controversial, yet interesting.
I read a comment that this was recorded after that event. Do you know when the event withe Taylor happened? I have a book with that info, but I need to check. Yes, Bob hurt him pretty bad and then he had to settle with him. So Taylor got away with it. Bob was playing for free (that is what he hought.) Rastafari!
I believe he wrote this song over Don Taylor disgracing him in Gabon, Africa by going behind his back to squeeze more money from the organizer ( I understand the President of Gabon) without Bob's knowing.  I read Taylor got some serious beating for his action. 

Customer Thank You - Justin Nooner - Phillips Chevrolet - Chicago New Car Dealership

//www.phillipschevy.com/ - Here at Phillips Chevrolet in Frankfort we value all of our customers and would like to thank them for helping us have another ...
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