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Hotels near oakland metro operahouse Videos

IL Nocturnal and Sassy ON FIRE - November 2013 Oakland Metro Operahouse

IL Nocturnal and Sassy of Debauchery perform a lady power fire burlesque act that makes the November Tourrettes Tithout Regrets crowd go absolutely wild!

Toxic Holocaust - Death Brings Death - Live @ Oakland Metro Operahouse on 2014/01/25

Toxic Holocaust - Death Brings Death - Live @ Oakland Metro Operahouse on 2014/01/25 Album: Reaper's Grave EP (2006)

Napalm Death @ Metro Operahouse Oakland Feb 20, 2015

//www.grindcomando.net presenta: Napalm Death @ Metro Operahouse Oakland Feb 20, 2015 Tracklist: - Suffer the Children - Plague Rages - Scum - From ...

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Crud! I missed seeing Jello Biafra there. I was at the concert, and I remember them announcing that they would play Suffer The Children, and I remember them playing it. Then a while later I had to leave. It was still a few songs later though. It sucks that I didn't get to see Jello Biafra, and that I didn't even see them play You Suffer. It sucks even more how close I was to seeing those 2 songs, but it still didn't happen.

Exmortus live at the Metro Opera House in Oakland CA 28 Feb 2013

Exmortus performing Triumph by Fire. Watch the whole video and have your mind blown away! From Whittier CA. Exmortus!

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Hmmm, maybe I could let some dude do this to me, but the solo, definitely, has to stay on the lower octave. I mean, I dont want anyone bending close to my humbucker.
Fucken Metal Up Your Asses! Good to see you guys still fucking shit up after all these years! \m/ The new generation of metal masters right here ladies!!!
4:20- geunis!! Awesome music
4:20 = awesome. ^ ha
Exmortus shreds!

Lagwagon - Lagwagon @ Oakland Metro Opera House - 02/25/12

Lagwagon - May 16 @ Oakland Metro Opera House in Oakland, CA - 02/25/12

IRON REAGAN - 11/01/14 @ Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA

A few Iron Reagan songs from the Oakland Metro Operahouse, opening for Eyehategod.


Black Fucking Cancer from San Jose(((California))) performing on 4-4-15 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse Antaeus, Demoncy, Plague Phalanx, & Harvest ...

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