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82 jeep jamboree for sale Videos

82 Jeep CJ7

The Universal Jeep Part 1 - 1948

Old public relations film produced by Willys-Overland to help sell the new CJ-2A to the public. Lots of great vintage footage for any jeep lover! www.

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Why exactly didnt the CJ2A jeep work ? It seems like a perfect idea to me .. A car which can work in limited capacity as a tractor .. any one know specific reasons why it failed ?
According to Wikipedia: Quote: 'Tractors were in short supply, having been out of production during the war. However, sales of the "Agri-Jeep" never took off, mainly because it was too light to provide adequate draft.' End quote.After the 'Agricultural setback', they decided to focus more on the civilian market, using the CJ-2A as a baseline, and thus evolving said design to create the CJ-3A, which in turn would be used to create the M38.

SanTan Honda Sales Testimonial - Snyder 2012 Ridgeline

//www.SanTanHonda.com - Mr Snyder had a great experience when he bought his 2012 Honda Ridgeline. If you would like to have this experience the ...

Pittsfield Meyers trail

Jeep jamboree in pitsfield illinois. Meyer's trail. video is from an 83 cj 7 350 turbo tranny with twin stick for front dig, dana 30 chromoly axel shafts (upgrading ...

Look Video Feature // Drummond Island Resort // Drummond Island, MI

More here: //hubs.ly/H01l8N_0.

jeep cj5 soft top

Funny Jeep Compliation #1

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First start of the 82 Hilux with th 94 VR Holden engine

This video is of the first start of my brothers 82 Hilux Ute with a 94 VR Holden engine which is nicely worked... It took a couple of months to put it all together and ...

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i got 2wd hilux yellow as well haha and a vr commi im looking a a kit for 1400 thats plug in wireing, mounts. motor and gear box mounts,and full run down on how to go about it but if yous dun this how did yous go ?
Hey mate, How hard would it be to just do an engine swap in a vr so take the old one out and put the new one in? Do you have to remove the transmission at all just to swap the engine?
best model hiluxs, i did a 3rz conversion in my 4x4 one body looks straight. nice car!
i have an 82 aswell. did u hav 2 change the brakes?
that is tough!
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