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Granulated honey sugar Videos

Honey Granulation Part 2 - Re-Liquefying Granulated Honey

In part 2 I try to cover three different methods of re-warming honey, one of those has two variations. I also show you an example of two different kinds of pure ...

A Closer Look at Granulated Honey

Have the sweet without the sticky. //www.thereadystore.com/saratoga-farms-granulated-honey.

Maury's Hive Tea Whole Leaf Black Tea with Granulated Honey 3/23

This is for those who like their tea sweet.

Making Creamed Honey

How I make Creamed Honey. It is easy and takes about 7 to 14 days to make.

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What's wrong with raw honey?
You can use raw honey, but you can run the risk of granulation or small particles in the honey. This can cause the honey to replicate courser crystals when it is starting to set.

Liquifying Honey With No Heat

Herbalist shows you quick trick on how to liquify your honey without using heat. Great for honey that has crystallized or for tasty treats!

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I think you will find that nectar that bees forage on contains both fructose and glucose. Nectar sources with higher glucose are the ones that may crystallise it has nothing to do with what the beekeepers have fed them. And aside it is illegal to sell honey contaminated with sugar syrup so you won't find any beekeeper worth his/her salt knowingly jaring honey which may be contaminated with sugar syrup. If you think someone is passing off sugar syrup as honey you should report them!
Further the reason local honey crystallises but the stuff you buy From the supermarket doesn't is because your local beekeeper will simply sieve out the wax come with a relatively coarse sieve, where as commercial suppliers use very fine micro filters which takes out everything even the fine pollen grains which are very beneficial.If the honey does crystallise stand it overnight in an airing cupboard or similar warm location try to avoid heating it over 40-50 degrees as it is above these temps that you start to damage the structure of the honey.
That is false ! REAL HONEY ( from bees that have not been fed with sugar) WILL CRYSTALIZE the only exceptions to that rule is honey made from the flowers of black locust tree and another type of honey that we call "mana" here in Romania which come from the sap of multiple trees from the Fagaceae family,it crystalizes over a longer period of time. The crystalization phenomena is related to 2 factors actually:1.temperature(when temperature drops sugar crystals start to form)that's why we don't see honey crystalize during the summer or if kept in worm places,also this process is reversible but high heat will damage the benefic properties of honey.2.the type of sugar that is present in the honey composition. natural honey is made from 2 kind of sugars colected by the bees from different plants ,those types are Glucose and Fructose,with Glucose beeing the form of sugar that tends to crystalize.So if you have a honey made mostly from plants containing glucose sugar it will crystalize by the end of sunny days,and if you have a honey made from plants containing mostly fructose sugar it will last more in a liquid state,but for sure a crystalyzed honey is a sign that you have a clean haney made from real plants,no sugar added!
+devilu18 I have done the research and will tell you as I said when they feed them glucose or dextrose this is when you see the crystalline effect if they don't then you don't see itI have been getting this honey for over 8 year and only had one batch that ever crystallized and thats when they fed them these sugars ~ was the only time ~ and honey does not freeze either go ahead throw it in a freezer and see the only way that we have ever seen this is when the sugars were fed no othe time and we have 8 years of this to validate this so unless the guys bees who was doing this did something this I am not certain ~and this is not the only time I have talked with bee keepers on this ~ so I am not sure what the guy feed his bees or where but here where I am in this part of ontarion does not happen and I get the honey all year round as well spring ~ summer ~ AUTUMN ~ and winter the only time I do not get Honey is in the months of feb-march because of supplyso I know what I am talking about as well so again not sure what this fellow your talking to is giving the bee'sTony
+HerbsPlusBeadWorksI tell you what,you seem like a smart guy and i have learned some things from you watching your videos so i don't wanna say something to offend you,but i have a question.. Why don't you do some research about the subject like you seem to do regarding other subjects in stead of drawing conclusions based on a bee keepers word  because i used to trust some of those guys before and buy this story about true honey does not crystalize  untill one year i went up in the mountans  on a remote plateau where it was a man that had 4-5 bee hives and i taste the puest honey from that guy,he does not have acces to sugar,nor he can aford it,he keeps the bees so he can have something sveet around and he told me that at the end of autum honey starts to crystalize ,he could not explain why but i did my research and found out,so please stop beeing so hardheaded about it and do what you do best.
+devilu18 reallly there bud!! have been getting our honey straight from the hive for over 9 years~ and I had some store for 3 years not one crystalized ~ ZERO~ and they are untreated straight from the bee hives and local ~ but when they fed the sugar then they went crystaline and that was only once in 9 years because of an extended winter so what is false is what ever program you';re on or whatever your smoking we see it here first handTony
This is for you, HerbsPlusBeadWorks, //www.videomaker.com/search/google/improve%20your%20Audio%20in%20a%20Video?query=improve%20your%20Audio%20in%20a%20Video&cx=016301996033947342722%3A-xsmlwign8w&cof=FORID%3A11&sitesearch= 
+palladini971 will pass it on to Dave--ThanksTony
Is it my computer or what? I think maybe you might need to turn up the volume on your videos. Tough to hear. If it's my computer, then I apologize but I am straining. Maybe I need a hearing detox?
+palladini971 we have had few complaints~ so am not sure what your saying is accurate~ very few issues with our sound or video~ most seem to hear us without issueTony
If you have an Aloe Vera plant how do you store the gel from fresh?
add either citirc acid or ascobic acid to itTony
As a bee-keeper, i would like mention that by adding aloe juice you are raising the water content of honey. Grade A honey is 18.6% water or less, which is where bees like to keep it, This is because a moisture content any higher will cause it to naturally ferment into mead from the yeast population in unprocessed honey. So by liquifying with Aloe Juice, the caveat is that you are significantly reducing the shelf-life of honey.
sounds good to meThanksTony
+HerbsPlusBeadWorksMoisture content and crystalization. You may want to discuss these concepts separately.Too much moisture reduces honey shelf life. Because of the  supersaturated solution of natural sugars in honey, it is hygroscopic.  Meaning it will absorb moisture from the air during days of high humidity in summer. Without keeping a tight lid on the honey,  the moisture level will go over 18.6% and the yeast will begin fermenting it. .  The second concept is  crystalization or phase transition.  The honey made by bees that feed on flower nectar will crystalize.  At room temperature,  honey will crystalize as a consequence of  the proportion of its two major sugar constituents. If glucose is much higher than fructose, it will crystallize.  Table sugar is sucrose and not the same structure as either glucose or fructose.  Temperature is another variable. Storing honey in an area that can go below 63 deg F, will cause crystalization.  Heating crystalized honey quickly, at even relatively high temperature causes caramelization (which breaks down enzymes and other immunologically  beheficial components). The key is gentle warming.  The bees keep the hive at 94deg F.  You can safely liquify crystalline honey by setting it on top of the stove when you are baking something in the oven. It is a good idea to loosen the lid during this process because a small amount of moisture will vaporize. Then re-tighten after it cools.
if the honey is solidified usually indicates that the apiary fed the bee's sugar( rederring to unpasteurized if heat treated will cystalize due to the breaking down of the sugars through carmelization ) and they do I have been using straight from an apiary for 7 years and have had only one batch cystaliz on me the whole time and that was the one year we had a late winter and the farmer fed the bees sugar water ---that first batch all crystalized ---and for use this will be used relatively quickly once it has been liquifiedTony
Tony are you talking about mixing this with H2O2??? I thought you should never mix this with any kind of food. Thanks Tony and all the best for 2014!
+HerbsPlusBeadWorksi read that a guy when he was 30 year old begun drinking 2- 3 times per day, everyday, h2o2 mixed WITH 1- 3 tsp. raw/unfiltered ACV plus some water. he is 56 now and people think he is still 30... Tony, it is ok to mix ACV with h2o2?here is the testimony: ''I have been using FGHP (35%) for many years with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I am 56 yrs old now and have only great things to say about it, Thanks to God. I started using it at age 30. I had severe joint and back pain at the time. After three months, starting with 3 drops 2 to 3 times daily (FGHP) and 1 Capful of the Cider Vinegar, working up to 25 drops of FGHP 2 to 3 times daily, I've had astronomical results. The results were verified by my then girlfriend who was also using the same program. (1) No more heavy or bad breath, (2) No body odor, (3) You will only need approximately 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day and when you awaken you will be wide awake, not sluggish or groggy. After you reach the 25 drop level you can then taper off. Find the instructions on line. Oh, people think I'm no more than 30-35 yrs old! Enjoy."
you still need a carrier and this is a neutral carrier never take or mix with anything that has iron in it like beets or green veges this is where it can oxidize things in the stomach alo is neutral and honey unpasteurized has peroxide in it so it is not going to be an issueTony

Why does honey crystallize?

What makes honey crystallize? Is it old? Is it still edible? I had the same question so I started digging around for answers. If you have honey that has crystallized ...

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My honey seems to hold up. Only 2 years in to keeping. But my sugar water seems to crystallize though. Have you guys been dipping too deep into the hive? : )
+Al Wilson Not into the hive...but at this time of the year the spiked eggnog!
Mine always crystalizes, I figured it was the temperature it was stored at. Guess I was partially right.
+mcrae000 I guess in the back of my mind that's what I thought as well. Now we know. Thanks for watching and commenting.

How-To Liquefy Granulated Honey

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