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Oakland university hospital Videos

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Michigan's newest medical school the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is now accepting applications for student admissions! Take a ...

NCAA's Best Basketball Coaches Visit Beaumont Children's Hospital

A group of NCAA basketball coaches visited Beaumont Children's Hospital patients in June 2015. Oakland University coach Greg Kampe worked with the ...

6 Christian Koreans Shot Dead in Oakland University

A gunman opened fire at a Christian university in California Monday, killing at least six people, law enforcement officials said. Police say they have a suspect in ...

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There is tons of Koreans opening Korean Christian schools... im not against it or anything... but i think his motive was ... he is tired of all the brainwashing. Im not from USA but here in Canada, there is TONS of koreans trying to bring me into "christianity" yes i am BAPITIZED christian (when i was a baby, without my permission) but i dont believe in it nor practise it.. i really get annoyed about it... but not to the point of killing ppl. The killer was part of this korean christian school
Just as I thought, you were Korean bled for saying this. This only proves Koreans all are the same no matter where they were born or raised. I hardly ever heard of such insanity like V-Tech massacre by other Asians. You Koreans should start acknowledging your genetic problems rather than trying to justify your insanity as if there is no such thing as "genetic trait".
Problem? besides, korean aren't just a problem for gunshots, even american student made a gunshots in school or college, too. The problem is not coming from nation, we are human, just in a different skin color and hair color. every person have "sin" inside their heart and that is the problem. so don't blame korean(i'm half korean).
Oh my gosh! he KILLED six? When I first heard of it they said it was five shot and two dead. Wow. The families of these people. Oh my gosh. Pray for their comfort at this time. This is horrible!
I'm not mad about how you are saying but, My step mother works there and she nearly got shot by the gunner. So, Please. I apologize of what i commented here.
Descendant of rapist war criminal Japanese trolling again.... :D
Goddamn Chinks!!! Get em otta here!!!!
Korean again

Go For The Gold at Oakland University

High school and transfer students (and their families) will meet OU faculty, staff and students, and attend interactive sessions about potential majors and career ...

Dr. Graeme Harper, Dean of the Honors College, Oakland University

The Honors College at Oakland University is one of the most established honors colleges in the nation. CHECK OUT MORE COMCAST NEWSMAKERS ON ...

Police search for man who attacked student at Oakland University

Campus police say a man punched a female student Thursday night.

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Young punks
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