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Smart roadster with honda engine Videos

Smart Roadster 1.6 16v Turbo, Engine Conversion

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That´s cool man. That´s a 1.6 litre from Citröen... the same one of the MINI, Isn´t it? Wich gearbox did you use? Do you need a clutch pedal? What about ESP, and ABS It is possible to fit it in a non coupe smart roadster? Is it too noisy, or it is possible to use it like a normal car? I really want to do something similar, and I would like as much information as you can give me.
I think Mini using the new Peugeot/Citroen engine(after 2009) Mine is from 2004 car, semi auto with paddle shift, no clutch pedal. I,v transplanted the ABS from Citroen, otherwise the gearbox can't work.

Smart Roadster Engine Tuning [130hp] - First Start

Modifying the engine roadster can reach 170hp, but can not withstand more 135-140hp automatic transmission and other aggregates ... The works were ...

Smart roadster engine knocking? Help

Need some advice on the strange knocking sound coming from my smart roadster engine- 2005 model 120000kms.

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Engine valve or valve retainer gone most probably .
υπαρχει περιπτωση να συμβει σε ενα καινουριο αμαξι που μολις το παρελαβες απο την αντιπροσωπια?

smart Brabus Roadster V6 Biturbo engine start

Just 1 of 2 remaining examples of the 1.4 V6 biturbo, from an original build of 10. This is the only working example left, but is not allowed to be driven on the ...

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ce V6 est un petit moteur, né de la fusion de deux moteurs 'Smart' 3 cylindres de 696 cm³ d'une puissance de 44,7kW, chacun. Puis équipés de deux turbos Brabus de 46mm, portant la puissance finale à 124,8kW. Malheureusement de part sa conception prototype, de nombreux désavantage ont fait que ces modèles ont vu leur fiabilité mettre en péril le conducteur et les autres usagés de la route. D'où l'issue de 8 d'entre elles, détruites sur ordres de brabus ! quant aux deux dernières, l'une à souffert de grave problème de refroidissement (moteur avec infiltrat eau/huile d'ou le démarrage difficile) et l'autres dont les conditions du moteur ne sont plus récupérable.
We don't know if the battery is new or not... Besides when a car sits for an extended period of time, deposits from fuel and microscopic metal shavings rest in the engine. And plus is the moving parts have not moved in a long time, they could be a bit stuck and in need of flowing oil to get them lubricated. When the car is not running, the oil is stationary and thus not lubricating anything.
so... 300k x 10 cars = 3mil. Which I don't think they've gotten out of tuning this Smart RoadsterI like brabus on this car: they build it , and then they don't really make a profit out of it. It's nice because you feel there's some enthusiasm left in there, not only chasing for profit. (I'm sure they made profit on other cars... but not so much on this one..) - is what I'm sayin'
Ma ke cazzo di macchina...dai fatemi il piacere...attaccare insieme 2 motori a 3 cilindri da 600cc di derivazione mercedes nn vuol dire fare un V6...vuol dire fare un collage di rottami ke nemmeno s'accendono e venderli al "modico" prezzo di circa 50.000euro............x la macchina ke è poi...ke tristezza...
Cosa fotografate quel cesso che non va neanche!!! le macchine di 40 anni fa vanno in moto con un giro di chiave, questa cagata della mercedes che costera' fior fior di quattrini va in moto dopo 1 minuto di tentativi. Mercedes merda!!
mercedes brabus is the best car in the world, this situation happens 1 in a million, if u would do that to another car, it would be totaled after the second try
Saw one of these where I live (Lexington KY). It had Tennesee dealer plates. Didn't recognize it but could barely make out the little Brabus plate on the back.
@Domman56 Obviously he dosn't know how to start the car. He just worked on in. He just works for the brabus factory. But he dosn't know shit about that car.
1:16 your welcome i just saved you some time on your life. Just click it if you dont want to sit around wondering when the car is going to start.
this car is amazing, but i think they really ought to start it up more often. Sounded really harsh trying to fire it up for such a long time !
These ones are not for sale, you can just get a 699 ccm engine with 3 cylindres and 45 or 60 KW. Price for them is between 3000 and 30000€
Thus, when it did start, you see black smoke, that's all the deposits in the engine getting burned out and any loose particles pushed out...
@terraxtxx Well the car had been sitting for awhile. Have you ever tried to start up a car that hadn't been running in a very long time?
dumbass learn how to start a mercedes they have a delay on the fuel pump you turn the key till you hear the fuel pump then crank it
You flooded it so bad, it would've been better to get a match and light the fuel in the valves by hand.
he either didn't prime the engine and then managed to flood the engine with EFI, fire this idiot!
This better be the at it´s development stadium since the rate of starting failure is too high.
typical twat of a salesman who actually nows fuck all about cars ! should be shot at birth cunt
@beboybo This car is nearly 7 years old. This was taken bout a year or 2 ago so it cant be new
Nice vid, it's just a shame not fire it up much often. Give me and i will make it turn lol
@hurius hahaha u know a shit about cars, this car can win a lot of supercars with 400 hp
Ora che la mette in moto io senza un V6 sono gia arrivato a destinazione aahhahaha
Der Wagen springt erst ab 1:20 an - spart euch den Scheiß vorher.
que chingaderas son estas? como que no enciende!!!! mmmm puta madre
I hate it when dumbasses rev the shit out of a stationary vehicle.
und der läd das auch noch ungeschnitten hoch, was fürne pfeife
@hurius you dont understand that 215hp is alot for that car.
@terraxtxx 300 grand? what the fuck? id rather get a lp670

Smart Roadster Engine Conversion, 1.6 Turbo (www.kwik-nick.co.uk.)

smart roadster & suzuki gsx 1300R from PECOSAUTO

Smart Roadster Hayabusa //www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFehqU2nXVk //www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYiNttDOonQ.

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Salut man. Ma poti ajuta cu ceva informatii legate de acest proiect? Mersi
+Trafic Bucuresti by Oky -Compilatii salut. Acest proiect este realizat de catre echipa Pecosauto, mai multe detalii poti afla de la eihttps://www.facebook.com/PecosAuto?fref=ts//pecosauto.md/contact.php

test 0-145 km/h smart roadster L.M.engines

test senza trust leggero pattinamento si nota la spia trust che lampeggia.

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looks like something around 8 sec
what time for 0-to-100 ?
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